Get to Know Me

Hey guys! While I was searching through numerous lifestyle/fashion blogs the other day, one thing I noticed was the lack of info I actually got to know about the blogger themselves! I mean…you are reading this persons opinions, likes, thoughts, etc. it makes sense to know them a bit better, and nothing is more exciting than a few fun facts! So for the lack of connection I’ve had on here and since I am in the makes of totally revamping this site and becoming more consistent with my posts,  I thought maybe I’d introduce myself with 10 completely random facts about me! If you guys have any questions or want me to answer anything for you guys please feel free to email! :)

1) I almost always wear black, not because I’m in a depressed mood..but because it’s easy and always looks chic! My style is very minimalistic and when you open my closet it’s mostly greys, blacks, whites, with pops of red, navy, and green! My go to outfit: Obsessed with my high waist busted knee black skinny jeans, I pair it with a loose white tee, tousle my hair, add a leather jacket if it’s cold and I’m out the door. PRESTO!

2) I am obsessed with coffee. The baristas at Starbucks know me too well, feels like a family reunion every! I get an iced hazelnut/vanilla latte every morning!

3) I never believe in depriving yourself of anything. If you want that chocolate bar go ahead and eat that damn chocolate bar! It’s all about BALANCE, basically everything in life needs to be well balanced!

4) I love to be busy. If I’m stuck with spare time and have nothing planned I go cray and feel like I’m wasting time. It’s actually pretty bad, one of my new years resolutions was to learn how to relax, kickback, and accept doing nothing. Things that help me relax are: Bergamot Jasmine candles and my soft and fluffy VS Pink robe.

5) I love love love music, especially house music! No, not that shitty big room but the deep, tech, minimal, electronic house. My fave artists are Solomun, Loco Dice, MaceoPlex, Daft Punk, and The Chemical Brothers! I start every morning with trance music (it’s my alarm ringtone), I blast it in the car, and listen to it through headphones at work/school. It keeps me going and lets me get through my busy day!

6) As much as I love going out, with time I’ve noticed I love staying in a bit more! Nothing feels better than waking up early and getting things done to make yourself feel accomplished and proud! My old guilty pleasure: clubbing; My new guilty pleasures: happy hours, discovering new local restaurants, and getting to sleep by midnight!

7) I am a maniac when it comes to to-do lists! I need to complete everything! I guess you can count my mini Smythson planner as one of my prized possessions because it keeps me in sync with what I need to do!  But of course I  have to add some fun things to my list… like to buy a new pair of shoes, pshhht…I’m not thaaaaaat serious ;)

8) I love love love baking! I love coming up with new gluten free recipes for my fam and friends! Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face then spending time with the people I love and treating them to new and delish treats! Compliments also don’t hurt ;) My fave desert to bake would be my all natural 4 ingredient only gluten free/vegan soft & chewy banana dark chocolate cookies! I’ll post my recipe on the blog soon, they’re pretty amazing!

9) I believe a lipstick can do so much for a woman! Honestly no need to put on makeup.. just powder, mascara, a nice deep lipstick and the 2 minute routine looks like it could have taken 20 mins! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! My faves are: Snob by MAC, Rebel by MAC, and Lady Danger by MAC

10) I am obsessed with ripped jeans! I also only like to wear black & grey jeans, they are my staple must haves! My fave go to brands for jeans are: Anine Bing, Rag and Bone, and Mother!




Palm Springs’in ☀

I love my mini get-a-ways, especially those ones I take to Palm Springs! Palm Springs is the perfect getaway destination for any Angeleno! It is super close (only 2 hours away with car) and always has the most beautiful weather! I swear it’s the beginning of February and I was basking away in the heat waves of the 85 degree heat! Anyways, not only is the road down to Palm Springs so reminiscent of Coachella and allows you to have good road trip vibe and have long talks with friends, but it also shows you the vast undiscovered beauty of the California desert! Going to this little city in the middle of nowhere is the perfect getaway because you feel like nothing can reach you when you’re out there!  So I’m telling you to take a staycation or mini day get-a-way, turn your cell phones off , leave all the electronics at home and just drive down! Walk along the strip and catch a few happy hours (my personal fave: Kaiser Grille), go check out the Parker to chill pool side or for a relaxing spa day, and always make sure to appreciate the great weather that has been given to us that we take for granted alllllll the time!


The drives there are the best!


My Appletini fun in the desert! Of course at Kaiser Grille, where else? Happy hour starts at 3p.m. everyday and ends at 6p.m.! VERY VERY highly recommended!


Don’t disturb me when I’m drinking my martini ;)

P.S. I also recommend their lemon drop, it’s one of the best ones I have had yet!


I love taking pictures, especially when I go on mini trips..


I felt so 70’s chic in my ensemble, nothing better for day tripping in the desert!

IMG_9289 You can’t leave without waiting for the sun to set, nothing is more  beautiful than watching the sun slowly lower past the hills!

Till next time dolls, xx

Hold, up….WHAT?

How is it already Saturday again? Honestly, I feel like time is flying by so quickly and I honestly am not even noticing it until the weekends! The weekdays just fly by and it feels like the weekend isn’t even around! Work, my internship, and school keep me occupied throughout the day and I’m just like wtf, how is it already the end of the day when I get home at like 10p.m.!  Anyways, with only two weeks to go till my huge Vegas B-day celebrations I have been trying to stay clean and not consume any alcoholic beverages or intoxicate myself with anything else that is not 100% natural to my body! You know, I gotta stay energized and be prepared to go all out in Vegas…my body needs to get prepped for all the shit that my body’s gonna go through there lol! Now back to this weekend! I woke up super early for my hot yoga class this morning and I am ready to conquer my day and finish all my hmwk assignments and even squeeze in a brunch and bit of shopping before I go out tonight! Woohoooo, nothing feels better than starting your morning early, sweating out toxins, stretching and completing a bunch of tasks! Speaking of brunch, a.k.a. my favorite part of the weekend and what I live for, I will be posting my top 5 brunch spots in LA next blog! Probably will include where I am going today since it is one of my go-to’s, so stay tuned!

Peace, Love & Brunch <3


Rise and Shine!

Starting my morning early today as I’m getting ready to jet off to my internship soon. I attempt to go for a chilled out vibe today so I hit up Spotify and was immediately drawn to their #throwbackthursday playlist, now I’m stuck listening to Rollout (My Business) by Ludacris, WTF? haha Not my song choice but I’ll see what’s coming up next, anyways……. As I’m sipping on my Chestnut Praline Iced Latte from Starbucks (their new holiday bev I’m OH SO THANKFUL FOR!) I’m kinda bummed that I missed my 6:30 am yoga barre class but I mean, fuck it happens…especially when it’s Thursday and the week has gotten you soo exhausted! Usually missing something on my schedule gets me off for the day, like I feel like I already fucked up and there’s no turning it around. Well, today I attempt to make this feeling disappear by focusing on things I want to accomplish instead of focusing on my past (early morning) mistakes! So I challenge all of you, my amazing fabulous readers!!, to ask yourselves this whilst getting ready and are headed out the door to start your long day: What will today bring me? What would I be so happy to accomplish? How can I get there (small steps, big steps)? How will I reward myself at the end of the day for the small steps toward this goal that I had done? (i.e. nice & long lavender infused bubble bath, a nice glass of champagne)! It is very important to reward yourselves you guys! Even if you didn’t accomplish your full goal, notice the smaller steps toward it! Don’t be too harsh on yourself and TREAT YO SELF! Don’t let one bad decision you made early in the morning (i.e. not going to your workout class [guilty], drinking that sugary coffee drink [double guilty], or eating that donut & bagel [about to be triple guilty])  get you down! Don’t focus on these smalls but look to the bigger things that you have set for thevday and strive on those! You can do it, I can do it & we BOTH can do it!

Namaste, darlings! <3IMG_5930

Weekend In the O.C.

On Saturday, I must admit I woke up a little hungover..Although I literally NEVER EVER get a hangover but it must have been all the mixing of vodka, champagne, wine, and whiskey I did the previous night. I guess I got out of it pretty easy though since I only ended up with a pretty minor headache, lol!!! Anyways, I ended up spending a day with my mom down in Laguna Beach and it was BURNING hot! I checked the weather and it was legitimately 93 degrees! Isn’t that crazy?! In November?? Well, expecting it to be a bit cooler I didn’t go bikini clad ready so I wasn’t able to enjoy the waves and sunshine. My unpreparedness ended in me resorting to enjoying a nice lunch and shopping trip to the mall (how brutal)! It was nice to reconnect with my Mom and try to  better our relationship by talking about our personal lives without bringing up any past drama. Sometimes it really helps to just hold your tongue and keep calm & cool when expressing true feelings and hearing out the other persons side of the story, cause you know life is too short to fight and constantly hold grudges. Well as I previously stated, since life is SOOO short I had a huge and amazing breakfast/lunch at Heidelberg Cafe in LB! It was my first time there and after hearing so much hype about the place and coincidentally walking right past it I couldn’t resist but order a nice and yummy NUTELLA latte and a spinach and mushroom omelette! YUMMM!My mom ordered the salmon and egg croissant and that looked super appetizing as well!


After our nice lunch we just walked by the beach for a bit talking about life, super calming and fun! Later we went shopping at Fashion Island where we got the cutest workout outfits from VS PINK and got some basic everyday wear from Neiman Marcus, Bloomies & Brandy! Later, checked out this little coffee shop I mistook for Le Pain Quotodien but it was actually Le Pain Mode haha but they had an almost as amazing vanilla almond latte as LPQ!

IMG_8348 IMG_8362


Anyways, sorry for being so MIA life has been hectic and as I am saying that I am literally multi-taskfully painting my nails before I need to rush off to class!


Cutest “Just Because” Gift Ideas & Randomness

In between one of my breaks yesterday I decided to “ATTEMPT” to go for a nice and easy shopping spree, you know just look for things and buy anything that catches my eye! I went to Bloomy’s in Santa Monica and was in awe of their amazing holiday house gifts that they had in stock! They were both funny and witty little knick knacks that I know a bunch of my friends would love so I def am gonna go back and buy things!! But until then, here’s my fave that I found so far! HAHA Isn’t it Hilare?!

IMG_8323 IMG_8324

On a side note, just so you guys know what I’m feeling at the moment, I’ll tell you my newbie highlights of the week! So basically bought the best ever face cream highlighter that illuminates cheek bones at MAC along with the best ever nude lip liner!! The cream colour was called Pearl and it is a nice subtle bright color that highlights your face majestically, literally radiates like a pearl! Also, found a lip liner in Naked that is amazing for making it appear like you have fuller lips if applied accordingly with a nude lipstick and clear gloss! YAY! In music, my fave DJ duo, Ax & Ing dropped “Can’t Hold us Down” on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio Show today and I am so stoked to hear their new album!! Literally heard a little preview of it at the office I work at and it’s going to be fucking amazing! Get ready guys because they are here to stay! On another note, any music recommendations you guys are feeling? Any new songs dropped that you just HAVE to hear?! Let me know in the comments below!

Peace, Love, and Happiness! Hope you guys are still motivated and on your way to achieving your last minute goals for the year! <3

School Goin’ Down on a Mondayyyyyyy

Apologies for the retarded title of this post, I was trying to reference one of my fave songs at the moment that I always enjoy a good laugh too (Club Going up on a Tuesday by ILoveMakonnen, or whatevs his name is) ! Anyways, I already feel super productive since I’ve been up since 5 a.m. and completed a 6a.m. morning sesh at CycleHouse and made it to my 7am class on time with all of my papers done, ready to get my A++’s! Anyways, November is one of my favorite months and I’m so happy it came so soon! Thanksgiving, my B-day, and all the fall leaves and cooler weather is what I have been longing for! As I am typing this I am snuggled up in my cozy Bardot leopard print asymmetrical cardi that I bought last year in Australia sipping on my Cow’s End White Latte and it just feels sooo good!

In honor of it being a new month, and seeing as I always see new months as ways of change and challenges, I made some new month resolutions that I plan to keep even in doubt of my already busy schedule. I solemnly swore to workout at least 4 times a week and focus more on classwork and my blog, OBVI! After finishing off October with a shit show Halloween, I decided to make a few lifestyle changes which include not turning up at a club on a Tuesday and actually paying attention to what I consume both drink and food-wise as well as be able to wake up for my 6 am yoga/cycling classes and make it to my 7am class on Wednesday! Honestly, nothing feels better than proving to yourself that you can accomplish something! Thus, by my B-day a.k.a Thanksgiving Day this year (GOBBLE GOBBLE), I plan to be a changed person and have a prioritized list of things to accomplish day to day that will not only help me get through long busy/hectic days but that will also make me feel productive and feel like I’m actually doing something that will further me in my future goals.

Inspiration is found in so many ways, you just need to stop being lazy get up and go chase after your dreams. I am a terrible dog owner and when I do go home to visit my parents in the valley I never devote time to taking my pup on a walk/run. However, this new state of mind that I am in this November prompted me to get off my bootay, grab my dogs leash (which the poor thing was so excited to see me do, he couldn’t stop wagging his tail;) ) and decided to go on a early morning brisk walk. Getting out there not only woke me up and made me feel more energetic, but it made my creative juices start flowing and I had come up with so many new ideas and projects I want to complete before the end of this year. The end of 2014 is nearing and will be here soon before you know it! Wouldn’t you want to look back and marvel at what you have accomplished? Wouldn’t you wanna see the up’s and down’s of the process of something amazing that you had just completed? Well, it’s not too late and hopefully like for me this month will bring all of you success, prosperity, and motivation to make these last weeks count! Do something different and find what interests you and create a project around it. No need for there to be something uber rewarding at the end, just something that you can be proud of when the clock hits 2015!


Cheers betches!


Fashion For Breakfast- Los Angeles

One of my favorite events that is hosted bi-weekly in Los Angeles is the Fashion for Breakfast breakfast-eons (similar to like a luncheon) at Ceconni’s in West Hollywood. This service was created for and is an amazing opportunity for all fashionistas who are considering ever running their own clothing label or working in the higher tiers of fashion. Even Time Out LA honors this event as being a fun LA “must-do”!

A couple of weeks ago I had the ability to attend one of these informational filled events, and nonetheless it was very inspiring! I had the ability to get first hand expert advice from one of my favorite Swedish designers Anine Bing and see how she started her amazing clothing line that is continuously growing and getting recognized by celebrities worldwide. Not only was this Q&A session educational, but it also allows you to get a glimpse of how she started her own brand. She shared information on what inspires her as well as what her daily routine is like and what had prompted her to create a clothing line in the first place. After leaving this event I felt motivated to go out there and take stride for my passions and work towards a goal I want to accomplish! Hey, if Anine can do it so can I! It will just take hard work, dedication, and a lot of coffee! Especially if your trying to break into the fashion or entertainment industry ;)

For those of you interested make sure you sign up for their emails and check their Facebook page for more events with amazing designers!

Here are some photos of my Breakfast-eon (love my new vocab) at Ceconni’s! Enjoy!


Anine Bing Q&A’ing it with the Fashion for Breakfast curator!


Amazing Breakfast + Ceconni’s= Brunch Vibes for a Casual Thursday Morning <3


My friend and I after the event, the inspiration just razzle dazzles off of us!

Ashlyn’D: cute or cooky?

I feel like I’ve been hiding under a rock since I just found out about these out there and creative clutches! My coworkers literally stared and just gasped that I didn’t know what these exotic looking &  fun clutches were! With cute glittery clear box clutches and animal designs, Ashlyn’D’s  diverse clutches can be used for both home decor, a evening clutch and even a jewelry box! I recently snagged the fish design on sale and am in love! After a couple of days of contemplating whether I should buy it, I thought why not? It will look amazing on my desk as a jewelry holder and indeed it does! Below are pics of my fave Ashlyn’D clutches! The unique style will definitely get you noticed on the streets or will spice up your bedroom as decor!

Check out these rad clutches here!

Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 6.26.33 PM Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 6.26.44 PM Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 6.26.55 PM Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 6.27.05 PM


Sneak Peek of mine as a jewelry box, how cute is this?!

photo 2 photo 1

Happy Hour Grabs in LA ☮ ✌

It’s no secret I love my happy hours! Not only does it give you the power (without feeling guilty) to order extra drinks but it also is a great way to socially celebrate the mid-day and/or mid-week! After a long day of work there’s nothing better than catching up with your friends over a nice cold mojito or margarita! L.A. luckily has sooo many happy hour spots so you can never grow tired of going to the same place over and over again but somehow I stick to my main 5 top happy hr. spots! I just love the ambience, location and drinks/food they have to offer and it’s super easy for when you just wanna kick back and not have to go through the readjusting of finding a new place!

If you end up checking these places out let me know how you liked it or if you feel like there’s something amazing missing off of it let me know! :)

P.S. sorry for the lack of pictures…I tend to always forget to take them because I’m too obsessed with consuming the goodness that’s usually in front of me haha

Mercado- WeHo & SaMo

I usually frequent their SaMo location since it’s way closer to me but their WeHo location is much more spacious and well known! Their “Hora Feliz” is Friday from 5pm to 7pm & Saturday/ Sunday from 4pm to 6pm hr.! Make sure to grab some amazing tacos and you have to try their Spicy Cucumber Margarita my absolute fave!

Gracias Madre- WeHo

Vegan Mexican! What else can an Angeleno ask for? I usually frequent this place when I’m on a “health binge” or after hiking Runyon, hey don’t judge the stereotype! Love the outdoor seating and it’s comfy cozy backyard like atmosphere! Also, it’s located right in Melrose Place–prime location!

Happy Hour Weekdays: 3pm-6pm

Border Grill- SaMo; various locations

I used to look at this place and think, what a dump just because it wasn’t as “up and coming” looking as all the other restaurants around the SaMo Promenade. This restaurant is a chain but has the best happy hours known to the west side! The mojitos (which I always get) and margaritas (which my friends always get) are only $5! Basically look at the happy hour list and everything is $5, DEAL! Plus, they have amazing chips and salsa! Their happy hours seem to be all the time: Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm, 9pm-11pm Fri/Sat & ALL day Sunday.

The Churchill- WeHo

Just like Mercado’s WeHo location, another gem is to be found on my fave 3rd St! The Churchill has a great old school vibe and is great for a drink to catch up with friends after! The “Punch You in the Eye” is my fave!

Happy Hour: 3pm-7pm daily

Tart-  WeHo

Located right across from the Grove right by the Farmers Daughter boutique hotel is this mini little restaurant/lounge that will for sure have you wanting to come back for more. It’s in the center hub of the city and I usually go there after a long and exhausting shopping trip at Topshop and Zara, lol! The outdoor patio region is my fave and when it gets chilly at night it’s nice to stay cozy by the fire pit!

Areal- SaMo

Another favorite on Main St. in SaMo. Not only is this place amazing for brunch on the weekends because of it’s amazing food, proximity to the beach, and ambient outdoor seating; but they have a daily happy hour from 4pm-7pm!

Brick and Mortar- SaMo

If I had to pick a favorite, by far this would be it! Brick and Mortar is super trendy but low key at the same time! The place attracts many young individuals and is great for brunch (bottomless mimosas $15 with order of entree, HOLLA), happy hour, and just to go out for drinks on a random weekday night! I am OBSESSED with their hummus & crab cakes which are also on the happy hour menu! I also love love love their Blueberry mixed cocktail!

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm ; Sunday 8pm-12pm