Quickie Vegas Weekend

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining my family and new European friend  on a quick weekend trip from LA✈️Vegas!
To say the least, this business trip was quite hectic and I only had 3 hours of sleep. Between a red eye flight and arriving during the wee hours of the morning , my Vegas  trip started off on the right foot with mimosas and chocolate covered strawberries. Sad to say, I had to leave and now back in LA but Vegas never disappoints! Here are some pics of places to visit, places to eat, and some styles worn ala Alex!
Viva Las Vegas🍸


And the journey began…. At 1 in the morning.


Followed by rounds of mimosas/wine with chocolate covered strawberries hors d’oeuvre.

IMG_0331 IMG_0332

Followed with drinks at Hard Rock (get the Feeling Hot Hot Hot cocktail & Strawberry Lemonade (made with Dragonberry Bacardi [pictured above] ), until the sun set into night.

IMG_0339 IMG_0340

The Godiva store at the Venetian is to die for, such cute Halloween candies! And they have white/dark/milk chocolate covered strawberry bannana kabobs! TO DIE FOR! #Foodies

IMG_0350 IMG_0347

Not much of a clubber?   These bars were pretty cool to grab drinks at. AND, they are both located at the Mirage…


IMG_0358 IMG_0385 IMG_0352

Now, for favorite hotels: I highly recommend: The Palazzo (top left) for a classic vibe, not as crazy as the rest of the vegas hotels but definitely a gorgeous place to stay if you are thinking of staying low key.

The Wynn (top right) constantly hosting the world’s top DJ’s at their club XS and day Encore beach club this is the perfect place for the modern day partier. Located right across the road from the Palazzo, the Wynn attracts the younger crowd. The atmosphere of a green,orange, yellow in the circus inspired decor can energize anyones desire/urge to wake the f**k up, cause after all YOUR IN VEGAS!

The Venetian (bottom) Last, but most certainly not least I have to add an Italian charm to my top 3 favorite Vegas casinos. This casino is how would you say it?, MOLTO BENNE! The Venetian is a classic Vegas staple included with great Italian restaurants, romantic gondola rides through the casino, and great boutiques/shops (dare I not forget to mention a Barney’s ladies!) . This casino will transport you to Italy with the beautifully painted blue skies, canals, and never ending singing of the gondolier! So don’t forget to  grab a plate of Spaghetti ala Carbonara before you say arrivaderla Vegas!


Seeing this got me so excited, Example #1 for why I love The Wynn.

Best Electronic Dance Music Scene in LAS VEGAS!

IMG_0402 IMG_0401  IMG_0390

At the end of our weekend, we checked out the Cosmo which is another favorite casino of mine and enjoyed an authentic Spanish tapas at José Andrés’ Jaleo restaurant.

To say the least…it was GREAT! First experience with tapas and LOVED it!

Forgot to take a pic of what the food looked like before because it smelled so good we all dug in, but this is the after result!


We munched on Cana De Cabra Con Higos, Escalivada Catalana, Trigueros con Romesco, Gambas Al Ajillo, Datiles Con Tacino, and Croquetas De Pollo.

Menu Here



(Don’t forget to make a reservation)

IMG_0361 IMG_0395

After a weekend of popping champagne(yes, even in the bathrooms of the Palazzo [pinkies up]), my Hungarian friend and I were exhausted and relieved to go back home to LA!


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