Hello there fashionistas/lifestylistas!

Hello there blog followers!


Alex here and I will take you on a ride through my life; mostly concerning fashion, makeup, beauty, & travel choices!  I am so excited to finally take some time and commitment to write and share things that I personally love and find will be useful and fun to read for others! Forever and forever (literally for like ever) I have been wanting to have my own blog but time would just never allow me. As a full time student, part time worker, and shopping activist, I have always been on the go and have forsaken my laptop for THE longest time! After reading a blog post on time management and googling “do what makes you happy”, I found articles that have not only inspired me but opened my eyes (of course with the added help of coffee) to what is out there and what I can do with my passions and interests! My passion for all things beauty, fashion, and bettering yourself to where you feel confident is very important to me! My ability to share my thoughts, suggestions, and feelings with you is what has driven me to actually go through with my blog this time #MOTIVATION. Hopefully my readers will find this blog somewhat interesting, inspirational, crafty, unique, (I’m running out of adjectives), and enjoyable to read! I highly value feedback so don’t be afraid to contact me below!

Until our next post,

Xx Alex




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