A Day at the Grove…

Whenever I have family visiting from Europe I always enjoy having the “tourist” in me come out! It changes the whole perspective of how I see home and makes me experience LA in a different light, one that is not stressful and work driven but one that brings out the adventurous side. Looking at your current city from an outsiders point of view makes it much more enjoyable than just sticking to viewing it as something you have seen over 1000x times and something that has become your daily routine that you are used to.
So… bringing out the tourist in me, I decided to take my family to the most cliche of all L.A. settings that is the Grove. I remember thinking the Grove was all the rage back when I was a freshman in high school, even so much that for one of my birthday parties I ordered a limo to go hang out and have dinner at one of the Italian restaurants there! However, as I grew up I started to get way too acquainted with it and ended up getting used to it.
My family enjoyed the setting and my Aunt was in love with the trolley that went around the whole center! All the shops there were enjoyable, but my obvious go-to’s were Zara and Topshop! I did a major fall haul at Zara that it’s safe to say that I shouldn’t swipe my credit card for a little while now :p
The fall decor was also amazing, there was hay galore with pumpkins, scare crows, and leaves everywhere! The farmers market was also something many of visitors will find interesting. This isn’t your typical L.A. farmers market with fresh fruits and veggies, but it comes with different stands with different foods ranging from gyros’, burgers, chicken, fish, to even my favorite desserts “the macaroon” and caramel apple (a fall must have)!

So next time your in L.A. check out the Grove and get a feel for the “small town”-like shopping plaza vibe!
The iconic farmers market, a must see!
We loved the fall decor it definitely made their experience more enjoyable and festive!

In love ❤ try the one with chocolate coated marshmallow and peanuts!


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