Last Weekend Recap, What are you doing this weekend?

Last weekend I decided to stay in and enjoy the simple things in life. I took a more relaxing approach to my Saturday/Sunday, with the only exception of homework and studying, but other than that it went pretty successful! Here is what I did to get some R&R and I know you need it too so here are some suggestions on what to do on a weekend in!

Bake Something!
I decided to bake a delicious gluten free pumpkin bread that my entire family enjoyed to the fullest extent. I had about 3 (kind of big) slices and by the time I would have came back around for my 4th it had already been all gobbled up! This recipe will surely be a success and everyone will love you for giving their taste buds something to be happy for! This recipe is very simple and easy to throw together(prep time took me 5 mins!) with a baking of only 50-60 minutes (50 if you want it to be a bit more moist, recommended). To go for a gluten free method like I did, just switch a couple of ingredients found on the original very simple recipe! I switched the flour to a gluten free flour base that I found at whole foods, used organic foods, used fresh pumpkin puree that I mixed in a food processor myself, and instead of white sugar used the same amount of Coconut Palm Sugar (alternative using natural sugars from Coconut)! You don’t necessarily need to change the ingredients, but in order to maintain a healthy balance and to switch things up I did 🙂
Let me know how yours turns out!
If you don’t like baking (or sweets), try cooking a warm new dish!
Found this delicious recipe on the Whole Foods website and couldn’t resist sharing it with you guys! I have been craving a bit more rich foods & carbs come the fall! There is nothing more comforting than these rich comfort food ingredients! My favorite has been sour cream and pasta! When I found these two ingredients incorporated with sauteed mushrooms I knew this would be a win! I used fresh chicken breast instead of chicken tenders which I think made the recipe even more delicious, natural, and comforting! The paprika spiced things up and added a bit more flavor to the dish!
Check out your beaches/piers for the last time, before it gets freezing!
If you live in L.A. or any other city close to the beach, go down to your local pier! This weekend I went down to the Santa Monica Pier just to hang out at night and watch the lights on the ferris wheel and hear the ocean waves crash against the wooden legs of the pier! Not only was it relaxing, but I was also enjoying the last days of the warm weather! Take advantage of your beach before it gets too cold to go down! Also, if you end up going to a pier don’t hesitate to try some arcade games and maybe win a prize. Not only will this give your ego a bit of a boost, but it can make someone else’s day if you win something for them!
Make a goal list of where you want to currently travel to!
Find a place you want to travel too! Research that place, look up things to do in the nearby cities and metropolitan areas, find how much tickets would cost, and do not hesitate to book! I am a huge travel enthusiast and would rather save my money towards a new excursion! So, if you currently have the funds I say book it! Not only will you have fun and see life from a different point of view, but who knows what new opportunities might come and what new experiences you could be missing out on!
Try something new, learn a new language!
While you are at it, learn a new language! Further your knowledge and try to learn a couple key phrases/words of a language you have always wanted to learn! Luckily, my parents taught me Hungarian at a young age so I am thankful to them for my fluency! However, while at a local Barnes and Noble this weekend I spotted this book while I was searching for a “Learning Swedish” one and couldn’t help but look into it! The methods of teaching the Hungarian language were straight forward and well written! I challenge all of you to go ahead and buy one book whether it be of travel phrases or it be the Rosetta Stone and tackle a new vocabulary that you have always been interested about!


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