Love & Lust

Every week I’ll try to add a couple of things that I am currently loving/currently lusting for! I hope to make it fun and since this is my first week of putting this into spin I would love to get started with my LOVES. I would also value your expertise on what I should be posting more of on this blog, whether it be fashion, music, places to visit, things to do, DIY’s, etc! I highly value my readers opinions so don’t be shy to email me any requests at:

Currently Loving:

Bouquets of bright & fresh flowers! Despite the fact that these are total spring colors, these flowers colors give off an energy of spunk that a room in your household can appreciate!
This new breakfast dish I had at the M Kitchen on Main St. in Santa Monica! The morning dish is called “The Mexican Hashbrown”. First, I was confused at what it would be…a hashbrown with salsa? But with the cheese perfectly melted on there with the fresh and crisp pico de gallo it is a must try!
The new cover of Malibu Mag with the flawless Scarlett Johansson is a must read, even if you aren’t a Malibu local!
This Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Shine Gloss in Wine Stain

This Nicki Minaj eyeshadow/blush palette that my friend from Europe brought me when she visited me in the States! Apparently they don’t have Nicki’s collection in the States no longer, so this special edition palette is my secret charm and I am using it very wisely. Although some of the colors look harsh, they go on very light and have a brightening effect on your eyes and cheeks!

Since it’s the holiday season I have been indulging a quite bit more than usual. I grabbed this snack while at the supermarket and have been hooked since! I think my addiction to everything that is pumpkin has just gotten a bit worse…
This new red coat from Zara! Although it never gets that cold here in L.A., it’s always great to have a coat to throw on for a chillier night out! This coat has a little scrunch gathering at the shoulders giving it a bit more flare and style instead of looking too conventional!The red also makes this coat look classic and chic when paired with all black and maybe some gold accessories!
Last but certainly not least, I ADORE my new shoes that I snagged from F21. Never have I ever thought I would buy shoes from there, the quality never impressed me and I barely tend to go into the store. My motto usually is quality over quantity, but these shoes don’t look bad and resemble the Chloe for a way less price! Click the link to grab a pair yourself!


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