Zen Decor Finds

This week I ended up making a short stop at Home Goods. I haven’t been in a while and I was really in the mood to buy knick knacks at affordable prices! I walked in the store and my nose took me to the candle section first! Ahhhh, one of the many reasons why I love the cold season…candles❤ After going through countless amounts of scents, I chose this WoodWick candle called Sugar Maple. This warm aroma has the scent of vanilla infused with warm wood notes. It gives you a “home-y” feeling and brought to my imagination a vision of munching on a sugar cookie while walking through the chilly forest/woods on a cold winter day.
Second item I bought was one that I have been wanting forever, a Thai sitting Buddha statue! I’ve been looking forever to find a bedazzled buddha that doesn’t have too much sparkle, but just the right amount! The buddha staute not only is a perfectly small desk top size, but it also has a nice silver/chrome finish with a unique style. It definitely adds a bit of girly/glam zen to any room.
Finally, the last thing I snatched up was this cute trinket box. It reminded me so much of a cinderella carriage inspired box that I had to have it. it has a magical victorian feel to it and I love the gold accents to it! I am currently placing my lipsticks, hair ties, and bobby pins in there! It’s a great way to store things that you don’t want to be seen in your room!

What’s your favorite decor in your room? Share in the comment section below!

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 5.11.36 PM


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