Spooktastic Movies to Watch W/Out the Fright

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Halloween movies with you guys. I know, I know, these are basically all childrens movies and are all rated PG but I just can’t handle scary movies! I’d much rather watch something with a minimal spook factor with much more suspense. My fave Halloween movies are enjoyable to watch with any member of your family on a cozy night in! 🙂

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Weren’t MK&A the cutest twins ever? Not only was I their biggest fan in the late 1990’s but I loved all of their straight to VHS movies! This one definitely has a bit of a spook factor when they are trying to save their dear Aunt Sophia from the evil witch Aunt Agatha. Sit down and have some fresh baked Cinnamon cookies ala Aunt Sophia to create the same movie vibe while watching, just make sure their not Chocolate Chip! 😉 (movie pun intended)


Ahhhh, back when Disney still made good movies. I count this as one of the Disney classics. No way does one not know what Halloweentown is! I remember watching this as a kid and thinking it was scary. This movie also inspired me to dress as a witch for a countless amount of Halloweens!

Casper Meets Wendy

This was my all time favorite as a kid! Not only was I a huge MK&A fan, but I also loved Hilary Duff! This was way before her Lizzie McGuire days, but after rediscovering it this cute story of a little girl’s crush on a friendly ghost was one of the cutest plots yet!

Hocus Pocus

And this is THE classic Halloween movie of all time. Who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus? This movie has adventure, a bit of spook, laughs, songs (“I Put a Spell on You”), cats, zombies, and SJP back in her pre-Carrie (SITC) days. This movie has never gotten old or boring, even after my 1,000th time watching it! Look at the twentieth year reunion pics that I found online from this weekend! Don’t you wish you could have gone?!

Young Frankenstein

If your looking for a hilarious comedy with a spin on an original Halloween story, this movie is the one for you! I found this movie to be hilarious and saw it a couple years back in my Sci-Fi high school class! The script is brilliant and it puts a different spin on Shelley’s original Frankenstein novel!

Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire

laura vandervoort - Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire
This has got to be my second favorite Halloween movie ! Once again, Disney did a great job with capturing the essence of Halloween with making this a bit spooky but not scary! It’s perfectly watchable for scared-y cats like me! You are taken through a journey of two pre-teen kids trying to set their mom up on a date to get out of their weekend grounding. Little do the kids know that they are setting their mother up for trouble when sending her on a date with a Vampire!

The Addams Family

So I was flipping through the channels early Sunday morning and came across the cartoon version of The Addams Family on TV. I was so excited to see this air because I have not seen it since I was 5 and it was one of my favorite shows! I think some kid channels like Cartoon Network are playing them currently for the Halloween season! So break out your cereal and cozy up in bed this Sunday morning and maybe you’ll catch this on one of your channels!


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