Weekend Recap/ Haul

This weekend I attended a couple of Halloween parties as well as wrote three- six page essays….blah, blah, blah, Anyways on to the fun parts! Sunday’s are usually days that I tend to enjoy more than Saturdays! I tend to have a laid back vibe on Sundays and end up doing activities that are both relaxing yet pleasurable. This weekend I decided to kick my Sunday off by going to my local farmers market. I walked around, grabbed a quick cup of joe, and ate a quick and light yummy Organic Cranberry and Banana granola (my ultimate favorite)! I discovered this new store named Library L.A. which I loved! They had both designer mixed with affordable all within the black, white, grey color schemes! They also carry Helmut Lang and Rag/Bone which are my favorite contemporary brands! Look out for the launch of their new e-commerce site coming soon!
After my stroll down farmers market lane, I ended up on the opposite side of town at a sample sale for LNA, Style Stalker, and Stone Cold Fox. I love Stone Cold Fox, however was unable to find anything of theirs I truly loved at the sample sale. The sale kind of disappointed me with the small selection but I did find a very cute slim fit dress by LNA that is great for a professional business day out (p.s. the material is ultra comfy)! After the sample sale, the shopping bug was still in me and I ventured over to my safe haven, the “Third Street Promenade”. I enjoyed another yummy coffee to keep me warm in the overcast weather and snagged a cute lightweight jacket in a very flattering red/orange color at Zara!

Sunday=Success, as it always should!
What did you do this weekend? Share in the comment section below 🙂

It was very overcast so I decided to first warm up with a smooth capp, mmmmm
I couldn’t resist this granola/yogurt mix with dried cranberries and fresh organic bananas.
Found a new store to add to my favorites list: Library LA
Ah, I love this time of year
Then it was off to the sample sale!
The cute and cozy sweater I snagged from Library LA
This super comfy and slim fit thick jersey dress that can go from day to night. I plan on wearing it soon with a cute leather jacket and black heels!
A red/orangey based puffer jacket from the Trafaluc collection at Zara. This color compliments blondes very well! It’s something great to just throw on when leaving the house when it’s a bit chilly out!


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