Best Workout HotSpots- L.A.

Today after my amazing early morning run at Runyon Canyon, I was deliberating on what my next blog post should be about! I felt so energized and was in such a great “endorphins released” mood that I thought, hey why not make a post on fitness and exercise that is LA based? When you think about L.A. you probably think of wanna-be actors/actresses trying to make their big break in the show biz. Their either working out and drinking their juice cleanse or are at some indie/hipster caffe sipping on a “NONFAT” Soy Latte working on their blog or reading their weekend script. Hm, well I guess the stereotypical assumptions are pretty accurate..BUT the one thing I highly value in being a native L.A. chic is our priority to workout. Not only do we all want to stay in shape, but we also want to prolong our health and maintain our stability while we age gracefully! Working out is definitely a top priority that I try to fit into my crazy schedule at least twice a week. (That’s really nothing, most people I know workout religiously on a daily basis. Some even TWICE A DAY!!) Sometimes it’s hard to find some motivation to go and exercise but I like going to these places because it makes it all the more fun and enjoyable for me!


Yoga works is a chain and can be found anywhere here in California! Literally there’s like 4 studios in close proximity around where I live! They do a great job of keeping the class structured with the same routines so it’s a great way for all us organized yogis to get into our zen when we are getting more comfortable with what we are doing! Their classes range throughout the day for all us busy bees and they are all taught by great instructors!

This little studio off of PCH has one of the best Hot yoga classes! This bikram yoga class will not only have you come out sweating all your toxins out, but you will feel a sense of recharge and surge of energy through their multiple strengthening and flexing techniques! Sooooo, hummmmm…….


I take the mat Pilates here but it is phenomenal! I usually have Alessandra as my instructor and she is great with helping you achieve the true workout and helps if your not doing a stretch/exercise in the right manner! Winsor Pilates is a must and I have been addicted since my first time! WARNING: your body will definitely be sore if your not used to Pilates poses and stretches!>

I love this cause it is solely machine based Pilates! A lot of Pilates places have machines but Wundabar has their own machine, the WundaFormer!The class is pretty intense but definitely do-able! It’s less core based and more focused on strengthening your arms and legs!

I have never actually tried this place out, but many of my girl friends go and swear by it! Usually they purchase a month of unlimited and stick to their workout schedule religiously! They swear this exercise, which is combined with the pilates reformer and cycling, does wonders and firms your whole body all around!

I am hooked on Soul Cycle not because it is the most latest trend, because I actually feel the burn. The workout can be either more or less intense depending on the instructor you go with and your dedication to the class. The class gets super hot and you sweat like a maniac. Girls with frizzy/curly hair should definitely not straighten their hair that day because it will be pointless! My favorite classes are the ones with Patrick and Sonny, they both are young individuals that push their class to the fullest extent. I also love their song choices! Sonny goes for a more urban, top 40 playlist while Patrick incorporates dance and techno into his mix!

Aura Cycle is one of the newest cycling crazes in L.A. The atmosphere creates a zen and the cool lighting and music make it all the more enjoyable to work your boot-ay off in the class! I’ve only taken one class so far (it just opened pretty recently) but it is definitely one to be in competition with SoulCycle!


This is my weekly must! I never go a week without running this canyon. Yeah all the wannabe actors come here to show off their ripped bods but I’m not complaining! I love Runyon because it incorporates strength with cardio. You feel your legs really burning while climbing up the pretty steep hill and once you reach the top you have an amazing view of L.A. You are able to see from downtown all the way to the west coast beaches! I especially love coming early in the mornings for the clear view and crisp air, also you have better luck finding parking 😉
_20100925Point Dume 034

I love Malibu! So relaxed, so zen! Climbing by the beach is a must because not only are you exercising physically, but your soul is put into a good mental state by hearing the waves crash! This hike is definitely a must in the warmer weathers!


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