Guess Who’s Book Released Yesterday?!


Not only is she a killer TV host on one of my fave music networks, but she is also one of my style icons! She is one of the many celebs that one can follow when in need of a fashion role model! ALthough I just stocked up on some new books last week, I had to order Alexa’s new book “It”. A majority of the pages are said to be photos of Alexa’s doodles, style icons, and fashion inspirations. The book was designed to be a flip through of inspiration, not something meant to be taken seriously or as a novel. However, it still does the work of capturing every fashionistas attention! The title I admit sounds very bland, but it draws you in on curiosity.What does “It” mean? What is she referring to as an “It”, perhaps being “It” in fashion or being an “It girl”? We’ll just have to wait and see! Can’t wait to have this arrive in my mailbox at the end of the week!

In honor of her new book, I have included some of my favorite Alexa Chung outfits that have inspired me!

What’s your favorite Alexa inspired outfit/style?
Love her casual business attire, great for a day at the office!
Love this vintage inspired look for a day of shopping in the city!
Who couldn’t resist the overall trend this past summer/fall? Great for a weekend casual look!
Great inspiration for any music festival! You don’t want to be the scantily dressed girl, instead opt for a more Alexa inspired wear with high waisted shorts and the classic hipster striped top tucked in! Grungy looking boots are also a must!
All of the above casual looks are great, but the girl can dress up too! Love the ultra feminine look, with the broad shoulders and nude colored dress!

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