Hot OR Not?

Dr. Martens?

Funny and quick fact: These boots were actually designed for the Second World War by a German doctor to help prevent foot injuries! However, they have always been more popular in London and are now based in the “Grunge” capital! Is the comeback of Dr. Martens only because of the latest UK Craze going on here in the U.S? I mean all the red checkered prints, british boy bands…..I feel like these are just a current fashion craze that’ll sizzle out by the end of the winter. Kinda like the JC Lita’s of last year, what do you think?
Are they making a comeback this year? Do you like them?

I personally love the dark red hued ones for a more London grunge look. Throughout my celeb research on the shows, I noticed most of them preferred the ones in cherry red as well! What are your thoughts, would you ever wear them?

Celebs that love their Doc’s
Ultra Fierce Model: Amber Rose
Princess of Pop Punk: Gwen Stefani
Young and Fashion Forward: Emma Roberts
WHERE'S ADAM? Namibian supermodel Behati Prinsloo is seen out for a stroll around Midtown Manhattan
Model Style: Behati Prinsloo (Adam Levine’s fiance)
Gorgeous Actress: Jessica Alba
Reality Queen/Fashion Diva: Whitney Port


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