Silverlake NOMS & Lagoon Lookout

This week I went out to lunch with one of my great friends and decided to go to the hidden gem right east of Hollywood which is Silverlake! Silverlake sometimes gets a bad rep or is given the “hipster” stereotype, but it is a great place to sit down enjoy a meal and venture the streets in search for artsy findings! Right next to the cafe we went to there was a Steven Alan outpost with many cute things at a significantly lower price! Right next to that store were more furniture shops and a couple of clothing boutiques! After cruising around Silverlake, I went to the Del Rey Lagoon to reflect on my week! Great thinking spot for those of you who get inspired by nature/ or shall I say the beach!

The Alcove Cafe is a MUST TRY when in Silverlake! It is a street-side cafe where one can enjoy a yummy sandwich/salad while drinking a very yummy mocha! The atmosphere is so subtle and quaint and feels as though your sitting in a little private garden. It is definitely a nice place to catch up and gossip with your friends!

IMG_1101Delicious and Delicate Parfait from The Alcove Cafe!
(Totally grew addicted and craving one as I write this, one of the best granola parfaits I’ve had ever [trust me, I’ve tried a LOT])


The Del Rey Lagoon is great to talk and catch up at if you are wanting to be in nature a bit. Super relaxing and calming and great way to end your day and meditate on what you have for the next day!


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