Venturing on Ventura

So this week, I took a little time out of my Tuesday for an adventure around the good ‘ol valley with one of my friends! The things you can find at some of the stores on Ventura Blvd. can be so unique, definitely things you can’t find everywhere! Not only that, but the chill laidback vibe you experience from the atmosphere alone while sipping your iced coffee is such a great relaxing feeling. Although it’s not the best because of the constant traffic surrounding you, it’s a great street to just slowly walk along and explore all the different furniture shops and boutiques. Below are some stores that I walked into and some photos of furniture that I thought were so unique!

What’s your favorite shop on Ventura Blvd.?

photo 5

Who else is crazy about this London Rocker style seat that’s in the shape of the Rolling Stones lip?

photo 4Loved the red bedding detail with white headboard! The bed looked a little messy and unkempt but the styling was pretty cool!

photo 3This store had lovely Victorian inspired furniture! I loved their window display, especially the addition of the mini lamb chop on the seat! HAHA

photo 2Who can resist puppies in a window? This puppy store rescues dogs from shelters all over the LA county, make sure if you ever adopt a dog that you are rescuing it from a shelter. Save a poor and innocent life!


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