Red, Black, and Grunge

I am currently loving the London inspired grunge look that mostly consists of red, black, and plaid hues!

Here’s a casual outfit I made from cute online finds that I am dying to buy!

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 6.46.28 AM

Alice & Olivia Front Zip Leather Leggings– Black leather leggings are a must have for winter! You can dress them up with a nice long tunic/blouse or throw on a long shirt or sweater and a scarf and your out the door for a daytime look!

Cambridge Satchel Tartan with Studs- I am OBSESSED with this bag! I love the studs, the plaid, and the fact that it is black! Can it get even any more London than the Cambridge satchel?! (P.S. great casual bag to throw on for a day of shopping or if your jetting off to class)!

Alice & Olivia Color Block Boxy Pullover– This sweater is so prim and proper! I am loving the two hues of grey! Grey is such a great winter color and basically matches with anything! I think it is universal and looks great on anyone and everyone!

Shoe Cult Saumur Quilted Chelsea Bootie- These boots are to die for! I have been obsessed with Nasty Gal’s Shoe Cult collection since the day it premiered! The quilting makes it look chic and the heel adds an extra “oomph” for those of us that aren’t at a models height!

Chunky Black/White World Market Scarf– Don’t tend to shop here for accessories or clothing but this scarf was just way too comfy for my liking! This scarf is versatile and is awesome because it’s an infinity(loop scarf)! The colors are great for the winter season… and it keeps your neck super cuddly warm!!!

HiPanema Shadow Bracelet– Great neutral toned stacked bracelets that add a hint of summery feel even in the winter! …And  the shell, sorry I needed some type of California inspiration in this outfit!

Vanessa Mooney Open Road Ring– Great statement piece! This oversized ring is all you need as an accessory for this outfit!

Mac Ruby Woo– My favorite go-to red lipstick! You can honestly dress up any outfit with a great red lip! I love Ruby Woo because it’s versatile and looks good on basically anyone! I always opt for a red lip for the winter season!

Smoky Design Eyeshadow by Dior– Love this five color eyeshadow palette! Great to create a smoky eye! Dior’s eyeshadows are the best and I have been using them since I’ve been in high school! You can go lighter with these by just simply gliding your brush gently on the colors or you can make it more dramatic by dabbing a little bit harder and applying more on the outer corner of your eyes for a more fierce look! However, if you are going for a red lip I suggest a lighter application of these shadows with only mascara! (No eyeliner necessary, it might make the makeup look too harsh!)


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