What to do this weekend?

Check out your local farmers market! I swear I have been addicted to going to my two local ones each weekend! They are relaxing (from the environment), healthy (from the organic & locally grown foods), and exciting (you’ll never know what you might find each weekend)! It’s a great place to go with family/friends to hangout, talk, shop, and just enjoy a nice morning out! Grab a quick cup of coffee or a cold pressed juice and walk around all the vendors and get to know the products they are selling! I have found the best vendors at my local farmers market and find it a routine to go and grab my routine bread, veggies, fruits, and croissants for the week! These foods tend to be WAYYY better than those bought at any grocery store!

SO enjoy your environment, enjoy your friends and family, and get your little tushy up this Saturday or Sunday morning and explore your local farmers market for the morning!

Do you guys frequent your local farmers market? Any favorites in L.A.?

Comment Below 🙂


Got my yummy rosemary loaves, fresh fruits, desserts, and squeezed in a bit of personal shopping!


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