Australian Blog Hiatus

Sorry, but when fun takes over I guess I have less time or shall I say “wanting need”  to sit down and actually put together a blog post. I know I sound so lazy right now but when vacationing  in Australia your laptop is the last thing on your mind. You just want to get out explore the streets, stores, fashion, food, music, and of course drinks and guys 😉

My time in Melbourne, Australia was amazing and I will share just a few of my favorite photos that I took on my trip as well as bars, beaches, and shops to visit if you go to Melbourne! Melbourne is a beautiful city filled with life! People are constantly out and about and the energy is just amazing. Although I wasn’t too fond of the fashion or food, there were countless amounts of rooftop bars with gorgeous views and the people were so friendly! Also, the public transportation was amazing (and this is coming from someone that heavily relies on her car and does not like using public anything..haha)!


A cliche view of Melbourne, but it’s even more beautiful in slightly rainy/overcast weather!

Although I didn’t get to see any kangaroos or koalas, I did get to try Vegemite which I probably shouldn’t have because it tasted so gross (I guess you need to grow up on it) and I explored all the different parts of Melbourne which was super exciting!

IMG_1917The infamous Vegemite, loved by Aussies but not recommended by Alex!

Starting today, for the next week  I will post a couple of blogs on some of my fave places to go while in Melbourne and give you a sneak peek into the highlights and adventures ensued on my trip!

Enjoy..I mean CHEERS!


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