Melbourne Bars

Going out in Melbourne is so much fun! It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is (especially in the summer) there are always so many people out and about bar hopping! Usually a typical Aussie gets off work at 5 and catches a happy hour/bar/or pub with their “mates”! They don’t last as long as they do in Europe or even in LA for that matter because everyone usually starts to leave the bar scene around 11p.m./12 a.m.

Aussie bars are fun to mingle at and there is an abundance of those that have a great scenic view from the rooftop! Nothing can be better than unwinding with a cocktail or martini on a rooftop bar watching an amazing skyline of one of the most happening cities in Australia!

Cookie Roof Top Bar


My first Melbourne bar experience! I arrived and literally a couple of hours later graced this rooftop bar! It was located in downtown by Chinatown and had an amazing view over the city. Everything was lit up and the crowd was fairly decent!

Naked for Satan

IMG_2006 IMG_2015

This was by far my most favorite bar in all of Melbourne! There was a tapas restaurant attached to the roof top bar and it had amazing Basque food! There is an interesting story behind this bar for those of you who are wondering why the bar was named “Naked for Satan”, it can be  found on their website!  There was a great hipster like crowd  and the view was gorgeous overlooking the artsy/edgy Brunswick St. in Fitzroy! Make sure to try their different vodka fusions and I highly recommend the “Stairway to Heaven” if your in the mood for a cocktail!

The Mountain View Rooftop Bar

IMG_1919 IMG_1921 IMG_1927

Located on Bridge Rd. in Richmond, this place is amazing to grab an after work happy hour. I came here after a long day of shopping on all the amazingly priced outlets on Bridge Rd. The drinks here have quite the names, I had a shot called the “Wet Pussy” and it was amazing it was peach infused with vodka and some other fruity blends! The vibe is very laidback, calm, and classy. Downstairs there is a level with a pool table and a second bar/restaurant! This is great if you want to have a less crazy and more relaxed night!

Transit Cocktail Lounge

IMG_1948 IMG_1956

Located at Federation Square, this is a great place to go to for a beautiful view of the center of Melbourne! It’s definitely a tourist destination but it has a nice vibe and atmosphere!

The Palmz Rooftop Bar at the Carlton



This place reminded me of a T.G.I Fridays here in America. Somewhere where you can get food, drinks, and just mingle. Very casual and more of an “after work let’s go have a talk with coworkers” type of place.

The Alchemist


I loved the feel of the dark mysterious decor! This is a place you want to go with your significant other if you guys are hitting the town at night. Super low key, relaxed but sensual vibe.

Morris Jones

2308_Morris1 2308_Morris3

Great for live music! This joint is located on Chapel St. in the music heart of Melbourne!  There’s a cute little outdoor garden in the back with live music!

The Lucky Coq


This is more of a sports bar, a lot of guys go there with their friends to watch a game and have a few brews. I was a bit tipsy and asked the bouncer to tell me the name of the bar and he was not too excited (more like embarassed)  to tell me the name, haha!

The Bimbo Deluxe

IMG_2384 IMG_2394

I heard the name and automatically thought WTF? When my cousin told me about it  I automatically asked if it was a strip club with such a name? This bar also has a rooftop bar but is very laidback super hipster. There’s a DJ spinning and it has a more summer-like vibe to it. The decorations varied (they had a doll hanging on the front of the building), this place felt like a bunch of decor clumped into a two story bar! Very spacey and a great spot to hit for a pre-game!

Noteable Mentions: Swan St., Chapel St., Brunswick St.

These streets all have amazing bars/clubs and are great for night life! Swan St. is more laid back for a chill night. Brunswick is more of a bar scene but is always popping with people,artsy ,hipster and is full of energy! Chapel St. is great for live music and is a bit more edgy!


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