Stereosonic 2013 Melbourne

So most people can describe me as a music festival junkie! One of my favorite things to do is to go to different music festivals around the world! In fact, my new goal for the next 5 years is to attend all the major ones in Europe! Recently I made my way down to Australia and couldn’t help but attend Stereosonic in Melbourne! The festival was two days long (Saturday & Sunday) and lasted from noon to 11 p.m. Although it was pretty weak compared to the European festivals (i.e. Balaton Sound, Tomorrowland) it was still super fun! The line-up was awesome and the showground was pretty big! It was located at  a convenient area by one of the Melbourne metro stations which made it for an easier way to get home at night after all the drinking! The festival wasn’t too overcrowded and there weren’t too many stages so there was no need to worry of getting lost! The funniest part is there was a thunderstorm the last night! It came by total surprise but it nonetheless added to the mood of the festival! It was much more fun to party in the rain while listening to Harris and Guetta!
Here are some snapshots I took at the festival! If you happen to be in Australia next year during the end of November/beginning of December make sure to check out the Stereosonic tour!


IMG_3437 IMG_3447 IMG_3449 IMG_3456 IMG_3464 IMG_3504 IMG_3516 IMG_3541 IMG_3552 IMG_3592 IMG_3590


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