A Day in Germany

Although I just currently started living in North Western Germany, I have been enjoying my first couple of days here! I’ve had amazing food, amazing drinks, and had an amazing time checking out shops, scenery, and architecture!

Today I wandered around and found the cutest Catholic church on a street corner in the city of Bonn! It was very unusual considering I was shopping and searching for some cute new jackets( since its literally 4 degrees Celsius), but when I saw the church from the exterior I decided to take a quick peek in and came across such beautiful decor that is very different from the churches I’m used to seeing in other European countries like Italy and Hungary. And obviously, very different from America! haha

IMG_2931 IMG_2932 IMG_2933 IMG_2935 IMG_2938 IMG_2939While shopping I also found a Zara Home! I have never seen one in the U.S. so I got super excited and had to go in! Let’s just say this store is  basically one of my favorite new decor places! I wanted to buy everything!! They had very nice classic Victorian looking pieces with a lot of Gold/Silver insets! Lots of buddhas, animal sculptures, and great smelling chic candles! Can’t wait to decorate my future flat in Stockholm with their decor!

IMG_2926 IMG_2927Then of course had to take a picture of one of the many street flower vendors! So colorful, definitely captures your attention and lightens your mood!

IMG_2930Last but not least, found this iPhone cover that made me laugh! German fashion/style does not refuse to stop surprising me! GET THE LONDON LOOK? lol

IMG_2923And of course, had to end the day off with a classic German cider! Tschuss! 😉



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