My Signature Winter Piece/ Winter Inspired Outfit

So many of you might have some trouble finding out what to wear in the winter time when it’s freezing or below 0 outside! Well I know I did when I got to Germany! I hate layering clothes cause I feel suffocated and I hate to wear multiple layers of things because I feel like it weighs my body down. Whenever I wear my super warm feels like a 10 lb. jacket I feel like my shoulders are gonna break off and whenever I wear three socks at once and try to stuff them in my little boots or booties I feel like they will just not budge and my feet are gonna explode! So, with all this cold weather comes struggles but I still don’t feel like you should give up any part of your style just because it’s cold out! I think you should search and incorporate very cute stylish pieces that are warm and hard to find into your every day look! I stick to one jacket I bought at Topshop back in the states because so far I have not seen one that has caught my eye as much as this one has and that actually can keep warm as well! Below is my cute outfit of the day that I have worn with  simply my jacket over it to keep me warm in this frigid German January days….

What is your signature warm staple piece for winter?

My Signature Piece:


Coat: Topshop Textured Fur Collar Biker Coat (no longer available)

Similar: Topshop Furry Check Biker Coat (now on sale!)

I love Topshops Coat and the Biker coat is a must have for every winter closet! Make sure you get a woolen one to keep yah warm! 🙂

Outfit of the Day:

IMG_3338 IMG_3346

Hat: H&M Sunglasses: Prada Blazer: H&M Tank Top: Zara Jeans: J Brand Boots: Zara


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