DM Drugstore Beauty Finds

I love shopping for new things that aren’t available in the states, even if they are from a foreign drugstore! All the new brands and products are just so exciting to go through, however can be overwhelming sometimes not knowing what to choose and what products work best! There’s so many different amazing products out there that I just wanna buy everything and try them all! This weekend I did a little shopping at a popular European drugstore called DM and bought a couple of necessities that caught my eye. I bought brands that I wouldn’t be able to purchase back home and anxiously tried them out! Everything I bought ended up being great quality and I am very satisfied with all my cheap buys! Sometimes it’s hard to conform to new products that you haven’t used before, but it’s always great to try new things! As a girl, I understand that makeup, skincare, and hair care shopping can be tough when you don’t have the right product that’s fit you but it’s always worth it to just try something that looks and sounds appealing! You may never know, unless you try!
(P.S. Please don’t mind my horrible nail polish application! I am used to getting my nails done at salons so whenever I “try” to paint my own nails I tend to rush and it just becomes a mess haha! #AlexProblems)

These products all bought from DM are a couple of my “must buys”!

I love Schwarzkopf products! I would always stock up whenever I came to Europe! I’m so happy to be using them again! The products all smell amazing and they give your hair a nice glossy shine! This finishing spray gives lackluster hair a bit of volume and shine! I usually spritz this on after showering on damp hair or if my hairs a bit dry after styling!

This P2 Perfect Lips Overnight Serum caught my eye the minute I took a look at the makeup section! I recently just ran out of my Blistex lip balm and was in need for something moisturizing for my lips! This overnight repair does miracles and smells amazing! It makes your lips super soft and I have noticed my lips don’t get as chapped out in the cold as easily after applying it nightly!
This Matte Bronzing Powder by Catrice is very subtle! I usually use the NARS Laguna back home but I feel that is too shimmery and heavy for the winter here in Germany. This bronzer gives just the right amount of glow without looking too fake. I literally swipe it on the apples of my cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin and I am ready to go! The powder is great cause it spreads evenly and doesn’t blotch atop foundation!

One of my fave fashion designers/bloggers Anine Bing posted of this product recently and when I saw it at DM I just had to buy it! This foundation is super light weight and is super moisturizing. This foundations is a CC cream and all you can feel is the moisturizing factor it has on your skin. It feels as if your not even wearing makeup, yet it gives you a nice glossy glow! A must have for those that have dry and/or normal skin!
This Long & Swing mascara by Manhattan looked promising because of it’s tiny thick bottle! I usually tend to gravitate towards mascara that volumizes more then lengthens (cause I already have pretty long lashes) and this mascara definitely does the trick! The brush is very thick and is curved which gives extra volume and emphasis to your brow. The mascara stays and I believe is waterproof! I had an easy time applying and there was no smudging!
Last but certainly not least, I had to buy some Vitamin C tablets. These tablets dissolve in your water and they taste amazing! It has a citrusy orange flavor! One tablet a day will hopefully keep those pesky little colds and coughs away!
#StayHealthy 🙂


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