Brand to Watch

Anine Bing has got to be one of my new favorite brands! I had just discovered her line a couple of months ago and have been hooked on the simple/casual ready to wear daily pieces. I love how she incorporates a bunch of leather and neutral colors into her clothing yet still keeps it simple to where you can either wear it during the day or dress it up for a night out!

One of my favorite products from her brand has to be her jean line. Her jeans are skinny fit and flatter my body so well! They don’t bunch at the bottom and they are skin tight from the top to bottom! They mesh perfectly while wearing boots and look polished when wearing heels! She has different washes and colors but my favorite is her indigo wash with the zipper detailing. The zippers are on the froont side right above the pockets which gives it a unique look without being too dramatically different or unusual. Her jeans fit great even after a bunch of washes and I have been literally wearing them at least twice a week! They have become one of my new favorites along with my Rag and Bone jeans love affair!

My fave pairs are these ones in used blue and charcoal (with the zippered pockets)



Also, her leather biker jacket is to die for! It gives a sexy edgy, don’t mess with me vibe while being ultra feminine and clean cut!


Oh yeah, and don’t forget about those studded booties either! I’ve been lusting after these for the longest time! Such a great staple to wear with anything!


What do you think of her clothing line? (Comment Below 🙂 )



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