Handbags On the Go

For all us busy gals that need to stuff everything into a tote bag, I wanted to share these two super cute, chic, and affordable handbags that will last through all the seasons and that I am currently “wanting”! Handbags are my favorite statement pieces. You can dress up a simple & plain outfit  by just wearing one classic and elegant handbag. Recently I’ve been on the go visiting different European cities, taking in all different types of art & museums, and trying to study a new language while still completing school work; it can get a little exhausting. One thing I noticed is that having a medium sized bag with many different compartments can be the solution for someone who’s constantly on the go. I used to think that all you need is one huge hobo bag that you throw everything into and just zip up and go, but all the clutter actually causes for much more havoc. I’m sure no one wants to have an anxiety attack when  trying to find their metro pass in a huge purse as the ticket checker is about to approach you. Being organized and keeping everything safely stowed away in all different compartments of your handbag will create for a much pleasant travel experience. Also, who wouldn’t want to invest in  a piece that looks fab year round?


Pour La Victoire Yves Alsace Medium Tote


Sophie Hulme Textured Leather Tote


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