Ring, Ring, London’s Calling

This past weekend I had the privilege to fly back to London, my favorite city in the whole world!  Nonetheless, I was soooooooo beyond excited to get off the plane and hit the markets and record shops! From the Indian food to the fashion on Bond St. I knew I was going to have an amazing time, the only one complaining would be my parents with their credit card bill. Haha! I spent most of this visit laying back and taking sites as they come and go. This being my fifth trip there, I have already felt quite familiar with central London and felt like I was at home. I hit many bars, ate delish food, and of course had a pleasing amount of Cadbury chocolate and my personal fave “Wispa”!  As I sit here reminiscing about my time on the balcony of my German flat, the rain coincidentally just starts to fall. Rain, as we all know, is  synonymous with London! Anyways, the vibe, pace, fashion, and lifestyle of the city has persuaded  me to continue my career in music there, Till next month, when I find my way back to that enchanting city, I will give you guys my favorite British hang-outs. I will be including retail stores, bands to checkout, clubs/bars, and markets.

Until then, I’ll just include some amazing photography from my trip!



 One of my favorite areas for shopping & eating- Kensington


Make sure to check out the Camden Lock! It has a market with many vendors where you will definitely be able to find something unique! Very edgy, London grunge! What’s not to love?

Oh yeah, and amazing food markets!


My favorite bakery in all of London! Delicious cupcakes and sweets! Primrose Hill is so elegant and showcases a classic London!


Notting Hill is filled with many surprises! On my way to Portobello Market I came across this oldies band! They knew how to jam…


Notting Hill’s Portobello market- No absence of music here, all the more reason why I love London!

I just so happened to be there on National Record Store Day, coincidence? I think not.


Typical Tourist Site, but who can resist Big Ben in all its beaut and glory!


Westminster Abbey- Another tourist site, but figured it was going to on Easter Sunday!

The Abbey Service was during a different time so I ended up going to mass at it’s sister church next door St. Margaret’s.

Beautiful Sermon.

Love traveling to London, that city never fails to make me happy 🙂


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