Accessory Must Have: Moschino

I am in love with this Moschino accessory! Although it is quite the price to pay for an iPhone cover, it’s durability and edgy hardware makes this buy worth while! A phone should be considered an accessory since most of us basically carry it everywhere with us and it never leaves the palm of our hands. Cell phone covers are necessary for protecting the exterior of our phones from any damage/breaking, but they are also a way of expressing our personal style, fashion, and taste.

I personally love this Moschino case because I love the gold chain hanging from its side and although I’m not into supporting visible branding on products ( I tend to find it tacky), somehow the Moschino label caught my eye. The gold and black play off of each other and give the cover a fun & urban look.

What do you think about phone covers? Do you see them as an expression of your personal taste/style?



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