New Music: The French “Les Trois Coups”

While at a bar in London, I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Les Trois Coups unique sound. While fiddling around with my mixed drink in hand at Clink 78’s hostel bar, I all of a sudden heard this band starting to play. They introduced themselves immediately as the French gypsy band. I immediately thought, “Oh, they probably call themselves gypsy because they travel around Europe and play their music country to country with no set plans. Aren’t every beginning artists really considered gypsy?”. But no, Les Trois Coups actually are authentic French musicians playing instruments that remind me of gypsy music from Eastern Europe. The unique sound the combination of their accordion, banjo, saxophone, guitar, and vocals were oh so European and something interesting to experience during my trip. The quartet added a bit of mystery and flair to their music when using their French accents midst their songs. Les Trois Coups are notoriously known for their street performances all across the globe, from NY, London, and even to San Francisco but these artists make sure to depict their French heritage during every step of their performance. What’s not to love!


Check out a street performance they held last year in Camden Town,London and a performance they had in Lisbon via these Youtube vids and also check out their Bandcamp page here!

What do you think of these French artists? Comment Below!


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