Heidi Klum for ASTOR

One of my favorite German finds thus far would have to be Heidi Klum’s line for the affordable cosmetic brand ASTOR. This little mini treasure can be found in any German drugstore for only 4 Euros. The colors are very rich and although they aren’t shiny, they are matte and do stay on your lips for a pretty long time. The colors are sophisticated and target an older demographic, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t curious enough to experiment with a couple. The two lipsticks I picked out this weekend are: Baby & Crazy. Haha, pretty good word combo I chose there! I always tend to go for more neutral nude tones so I had to get Baby. Crazy was a bit darker than what I usually go for when I buy red. (My all time Red fave is MAC’s Lady Danger (ala Rita Ora)) However, the red does give me a nice color for when I dress up for a business event or for a dinner out.

Check out all the colors here and tell me what you think: Lipstick Palette

Do you like Heidi Klum’s lipstick line for ASTOR or are you gonna stick to Kate Moss for Rimmel London?

Astor Heidi Lippenstift Kollektion Aufsteller

photo 1

Baby (left) & Crazy (Right)

photo 2

Baby has a very nice light color, perfect if your aiming for the natural look!

photo 3

Crazy is a deep shade of burgundy that you need to apply multiple coats of. This color faded with time so make sure to carry it around with you fi you decide on wearing it for the day!


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