Vibrance, In a City that Never Sleeps

Nope not New York, but good guess! Barcelona is a city that never sleeps, let alone I feel like all cities within Spain are radiating with energy, passion for life, and vibrance! The colors, the architecture, & the culture alone just pops at you. The fun, loud, & carefree people just add to the feeling, which is a huge bonus! The mood in Spain is unbelievable and safe to say very inspirational. Never for a day did I think, “Wow, this is boring…take me somewhere else”. I mean I guess it’s pretty natural, I mean they are the country that includes our fave island Ibiza! 😉

Here’s some photo inspo from my trips to Madrid/Barcelona:

IMG_5049 IMG_5093 IMG_5097 IMG_5110 IMG_5149 IMG_5164 IMG_5208 IMG_5211



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