Spritz Away with My Favorite Go-To Summer Scents

From all the great scents there is to choose from at the perfume counter at any Department Store or Sephora , I always find myself in confusion to which one I should choose! I personally love switching up  my scent upon season and tend to go for: lighter florally scents during the spring, fruity scents for the summer, warmer scents for the fall, and sweeter & stronger scents for the winter! With all of that said, summertime is my favorite season to shop for perfumes because the light hearted scents of my summer fragrances make me all the more energetic and ready to start my day upon the spritzes on my pulse points! This post was created to give you a little sneak peek into what I consider my top 5 favorite summer scents to get me going for those endless summer days!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh:

This is my current fragrance that I ended up picking up at the Duty Free Store in Barcelona! I love this scent because it’s so fresh and light, yet stays for a long time! The most noticeable scents within this fragrance are that  of grapefruit, raspberry  & jasmine!  The fruity mixture makes me feel all the more invigorated! Marc Jacobs has such a knack for bringing out the fearless/carefree child in everyone and this is what this perfume perfectly resembles!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh AD-1

Moschino Hippy Fizz:

Before finding this at a Douglass store in Hungary, I never even knew Moschino had such a variety of youthful & flirty fragrances! The name alone captured my attention since I love the Boho/Hippy fashion and lifestyle. Hippy Fizz is more citrusy than all the other fragrances. It also has hints of raspberry and magnolia to give it a fruity/flowery power combo! This is great for a day out at the park for a picnic!


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue:

This is a classic! Althouhg a lot of people wear it, I still love the fresh yet memorable scent that this fragrance leaves behind. This perfume has a crisp ting to its already citrusy/woody scent. Also, who could resist those hot ads that you see for this fragrance as you flip through your magazine? Kind of reminds me of yachting by a Greek Island!




Issey Miyake L’Eau D”Issey:

Very subtle, feminine, and barely noticeable. This scent is very low key with its more flowery smell combined with hints of rose water. If you are looking for something that will just give you an extra boost without that memorability or “OOMPH” I recommend this fragrance by Miyake. The original “L’Eau D’Issey” is perfect for when your just planning a casual day yet still want a little pleasant smell.


Chanel Chance Eau Tendre:

Well , maybe this should be considered more of a classic than the Light Blue. No lie, everyone loves Chanel! The Eau Tendre fragrance of Chance is perfect for the summer since the aroma isn’t too heavy. It doesn’t have the overbearing strength (grandma like effect) of all the other Chanel perfumes yet still resembles the Chanel elegance through it’s lighter notes of grapefruit and jasmine. This scent is for those of us who fantasize about skipping down the streets of Paris with a bouquet of flowers in your hand! 🙂




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