Summer Roaming in Milan

I love Italy, but I love Milan all the more! The whole essence of the city is fashion oriented with “strada’s” that lead you either down a road of boutiques & shops or ones that will lead you down to a hidden Italian church or ancient Roman ruin. Milan is a very popular tourist hot spot, but when traveling to the outskirts of the city one can feel the cosmopolitan charm whilst feeling the true Italian culture. Although Milan is a pretty expensive city to vacation in, it is one worth not missing out on. A 4-5 day trip is more than enough for one to explore the city and see all the sights. Plus, don’t forget to stay for the weekend! The street markets are usually on every Saturday & Sunday and are filled with very interesting goodies!

IMG_6509 IMG_6506


The Common Place for the Apartment Complex, filled with flowers and beauty.



Naturally, one has to check out the Duomo of Milan. It’s beautiful Gothic architecture is not one to be missed. While your at it, be a true tourist and sip a mimosa or champs at their nearby cafeteria/cafe  that is located just steps away from the left wing of the Dome and bask in its beauty and atmosphere! (Safe tip: Cover UP! They will not let you in in a spaghetti strap, I was forced to throw on my stylish leather jacket even though it was 30 degrees Celsius outdoors!)


IMG_6559 IMG_6556

When in Italy you have to rent a Vespa! It’s an Italian tradition to ride one around the town while exploring the city. It’ll get you everywhere faster but you do need to watch out for those crazy drivers! They’re not as patient as you may think 😉

Once you have your Vespa ready, make sure to walk around the small side streets of Milan and venture around mini boutiques with specialty clothing, Mom & Pop’s pizza restaurants, historical architecture (like the arch I found while shopping on a mini side street pictured above), and mini Gelateria’s. Safe to say, I have never in all of Italy found a gelateria that I was not satisfied with!


FORMAGGIO, FORMAGGIO, FORMAGGIO! I am basically like a mouse because I am addicted to cheese! Hence, Italy is always my foodie escape haven because I can’t get enough of their different cheeses! These rounds of cheese I found in one of the specialty stores caught my eye and nonetheless reminded me of the Lizzie McGuire movie haha. After our morning cheese break I decided to hit the street market on Saturday morning with my aunt for some organic and all natural fruits and veggies!


 IMG_6640 IMG_6614


Some light and colorful foods are essential to keep you running on a hot summers day in Milan!

And when you get sick of eating one too many gelato, try some yogurt with berries and strawberry sauce. It basically tasted the same everywhere I ordered it, but the taste is to die for and I crave it constantly till this day!

IMG_6690 IMG_6696 IMG_6695

Some sight seeing at the Castello Sforzessco and statues, entrance hallway, and ancient Roman tiger carvings in an abandoned school outside the city center. It was so interesting to see and experience what it could have been like as a student in the Roman times with the high ceilings, sculptures in the hallway, and plaza like entrance.

IMG_6665 IMG_6705 IMG_6707 IMG_6703

Streets in Milano are beautiful, especially when you walk past vibrant flower shops with cute window displays!


and of course this one fashion advertisement caught my eye…

IMG_6629 IMG_6634

Sunday morning we met the nicest old men at the street market that specialized in old stamps from all across Europe, Africa, Asia, & America. These vendors, collectors, and hobbyists also showcased old photos of all the different regions of Italy and ancient postcards written from all over the world.

IMG_6772 IMG_6727

The Milano Scala (Opera House) is a must see as well as the many government buildings around it! The Milano Parks are also filled with vibrancy and life with dogs running every where, people playing soccer, and many just chilling outside on the grass enjoying their day!


One thought on “Summer Roaming in Milan

  1. Thank you for your visit here in Milan, I appreciated your report. Next time please visit the Navigli by night, they are amazing ! 😉
    Simone, original Milan one 😉

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