Try This: BRONDE

Bronde, well it basically reminds me of the word “BRONZE” which is synonymous with the summer, the beach, and margaritas poolside.  Naturally, Bronde is a clever word for the combination of blonde and brunette creating a bronzed looking color for hair. Not only is this becoming one of the latest hair trends, especially after being introduced by hair megabrand L’Oreal for S/S 2014, but it also is a great look for brightening and warming up your summer glow for the season! This look is amazing for those with a paler complexion to get a bit of a  darker hue without looking washed out and for those with more olive skin tones to lighten up without looking bleached or unnatural! Bronde is amazing for creating a warmer tone and sun kissed summer look! It is perfect for those of us who are addicted to the California girl look!

Bronde has been around for many years but has just been globally recognized as one of the summers most coveted hair colours!

Below are some celebs rocking some bronde hues, get inspired and maybe even book a trip to your salon after this blog post! 🙂


Kim K. switched her dark locks for a brighter color to achieve a summer glow!


Ashley Greene opts for a lighter bronde shade.


Lauren Conrad’s honey color based bronde hair is the epitome of California girl!


Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is also infamous for having her dirty blonde-esque bronde hair!



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