Boomin’ in Belgium: Bruges

In honor of the Belgian soccer win last night, I found it all the more appropriate to showcase the country’s beautiful town of Bruges in my blog! Although I was there in the beginning of the year, January to be exact (one of the coldest months), it was still like a storybook wonderland. Everything just seemed to revolve around the concept of love, old european architecture, and chocolate!

Below, I’ll share some travel pics and ideas of what one can do during their stay in Bruges! Enjoy 🙂


When in Bruges (wait scratch that) ..When in BELGIUM, one has to try their amazing Belgian Waffles! The dough is so much more different and fluffy, there are also little cubes of sugar in the small squares of the waffle! I tried all the different flavors, but by far the best was the plain with powdered sugar and dulce de leche! The chocolate one just seemed too rich and overbearing, but don’t get me wrong that was AHH-mazing too!

IMG_3156 IMG_3179

One of the fun activities to do while in Bruges is to check out a brewery! I went to Prinsor Pills and it was very interesting to see how the beers are made! At the end of the hour long tour you even get a complimentary beer!


IMG_3284 IMG_3288 IMG_3309 IMG_3311

Aside from being known for their  beer and waffles, Belgium has the most amazing chocolate! I could not stop eating it all up, there were so many kinds! In addition, I was there right before Valentines day, and as a single seeing all those heart shaped chocolate boxes you know I was prone to over-indulging! Nonetheless, the chocolate art was magnificent! Check out this statue of an angel entirely crafted from milk chocolate!

IMG_3210 IMG_3209

Since Belgium is known for having the best beer and chocolate, why not mix the two?


If chocolate, beer, or waffles don’t tickle your fancy I recommend having some good old Dutch flemish stew! The flemish stew fries on the outdoor carts are to die for (especially if you add a dollop of garlic sauce)! Also, the normal stews (without fries that is) are amazing as well! They are made out of different meats like chicken, beef, and even rabbit! An optional other “must try” meal would be a croquet! Belgians are known for eating this and ham & cheese sandwiches on the regular, usually for a quick and filling lunch!


Aside from food & drinks….Belgium has beautiful churches and one of them is known to carry a vile of Jesus’ blood! You can pay to see it up close for a quick minute, it’s actually quite an interesting thing to experience!

IMG_3186 IMG_3205

IMG_3202 IMG_3201

Another must see is the Belfry tower! Go to the top, check out the ringing of the bell and look over a beautiful view of the small Belgian city!


All in all, just walking around Bruges is fun on its own! You see so much in this small city and the great thing is you can’t even get lost because the whole city is like a huge circle! Everything is very close to one another and the dreamy storybook like feel makes you enjoy the city even more!

Recommendation: Before going to Bruges I recommend watching the movie “In Bruges” with Colin Farrell because it will be brought up multiple times throughout the trip! Even during city tours the tour guides tend to show you areas where the movie was filmed!

IMG_3168 IMG_3149 IMG_3144 IMG_3192 IMG_3181 IMG_3178 IMG_3174 IMG_3170 IMG_3167


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