A Younger Generation Zara?

For those who are in that middle point in their lives, those that have not quite yet reached adulthood but have definitely grown out of the teen phase, Zara’s Inditex group has launched a young, fresh, and affordable line! Stradivarius, the younger sister of Zara’s chain stores, has opened flagship stores in many countries across Europe! Stradivarius offers fashion for those between the ages of 16-25! It has much more vibrant, playful, and youthful cuts, colors, and patterns as their clothing regime! So if you have a little sis that loves the Zara style but has no where to wear it just yet, suggest Stradivarius for something more age appropriate!

Click here to check out all the cute clothes! (P.S. there’s a summer sale going on at the moment!!! 🙂 )



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