Fashion For Breakfast- Los Angeles

One of my favorite events that is hosted bi-weekly in Los Angeles is the Fashion for Breakfast breakfast-eons (similar to like a luncheon) at Ceconni’s in West Hollywood. This service was created for and is an amazing opportunity for all fashionistas who are considering ever running their own clothing label or working in the higher tiers of fashion. Even Time Out LA honors this event as being a fun LA “must-do”!

A couple of weeks ago I had the ability to attend one of these informational filled events, and nonetheless it was very inspiring! I had the ability to get first hand expert advice from one of my favorite Swedish designers Anine Bing and see how she started her amazing clothing line that is continuously growing and getting recognized by celebrities worldwide. Not only was this Q&A session educational, but it also allows you to get a glimpse of how she started her own brand. She shared information on what inspires her as well as what her daily routine is like and what had prompted her to create a clothing line in the first place. After leaving this event I felt motivated to go out there and take stride for my passions and work towards a goal I want to accomplish! Hey, if Anine can do it so can I! It will just take hard work, dedication, and a lot of coffee! Especially if your trying to break into the fashion or entertainment industry 😉

For those of you interested make sure you sign up for their emails and check their Facebook page for more events with amazing designers!

Here are some photos of my Breakfast-eon (love my new vocab) at Ceconni’s! Enjoy!


Anine Bing Q&A’ing it with the Fashion for Breakfast curator!


Amazing Breakfast + Ceconni’s= Brunch Vibes for a Casual Thursday Morning ❤


My friend and I after the event, the inspiration just razzle dazzles off of us!


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