School Goin’ Down on a Mondayyyyyyy

Apologies for the retarded title of this post, I was trying to reference one of my fave songs at the moment that I always enjoy a good laugh too (Club Going up on a Tuesday by ILoveMakonnen, or whatevs his name is) ! Anyways, I already feel super productive since I’ve been up since 5 a.m. and completed a 6a.m. morning sesh at CycleHouse and made it to my 7am class on time with all of my papers done, ready to get my A++’s! Anyways, November is one of my favorite months and I’m so happy it came so soon! Thanksgiving, my B-day, and all the fall leaves and cooler weather is what I have been longing for! As I am typing this I am snuggled up in my cozy Bardot leopard print asymmetrical cardi that I bought last year in Australia sipping on my Cow’s End White Latte and it just feels sooo good!

In honor of it being a new month, and seeing as I always see new months as ways of change and challenges, I made some new month resolutions that I plan to keep even in doubt of my already busy schedule. I solemnly swore to workout at least 4 times a week and focus more on classwork and my blog, OBVI! After finishing off October with a shit show Halloween, I decided to make a few lifestyle changes which include not turning up at a club on a Tuesday and actually paying attention to what I consume both drink and food-wise as well as be able to wake up for my 6 am yoga/cycling classes and make it to my 7am class on Wednesday! Honestly, nothing feels better than proving to yourself that you can accomplish something! Thus, by my B-day a.k.a Thanksgiving Day this year (GOBBLE GOBBLE), I plan to be a changed person and have a prioritized list of things to accomplish day to day that will not only help me get through long busy/hectic days but that will also make me feel productive and feel like I’m actually doing something that will further me in my future goals.

Inspiration is found in so many ways, you just need to stop being lazy get up and go chase after your dreams. I am a terrible dog owner and when I do go home to visit my parents in the valley I never devote time to taking my pup on a walk/run. However, this new state of mind that I am in this November prompted me to get off my bootay, grab my dogs leash (which the poor thing was so excited to see me do, he couldn’t stop wagging his tail;) ) and decided to go on a early morning brisk walk. Getting out there not only woke me up and made me feel more energetic, but it made my creative juices start flowing and I had come up with so many new ideas and projects I want to complete before the end of this year. The end of 2014 is nearing and will be here soon before you know it! Wouldn’t you want to look back and marvel at what you have accomplished? Wouldn’t you wanna see the up’s and down’s of the process of something amazing that you had just completed? Well, it’s not too late and hopefully like for me this month will bring all of you success, prosperity, and motivation to make these last weeks count! Do something different and find what interests you and create a project around it. No need for there to be something uber rewarding at the end, just something that you can be proud of when the clock hits 2015!


Cheers betches!



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