Cutest “Just Because” Gift Ideas & Randomness

In between one of my breaks yesterday I decided to “ATTEMPT” to go for a nice and easy shopping spree, you know just look for things and buy anything that catches my eye! I went to Bloomy’s in Santa Monica and was in awe of their amazing holiday house gifts that they had in stock! They were both funny and witty little knick knacks that I know a bunch of my friends would love so I def am gonna go back and buy things!! But until then, here’s my fave that I found so far! HAHA Isn’t it Hilare?!

IMG_8323 IMG_8324

On a side note, just so you guys know what I’m feeling at the moment, I’ll tell you my newbie highlights of the week! So basically bought the best ever face cream highlighter that illuminates cheek bones at MAC along with the best ever nude lip liner!! The cream colour was called Pearl and it is a nice subtle bright color that highlights your face majestically, literally radiates like a pearl! Also, found a lip liner in Naked that is amazing for making it appear like you have fuller lips if applied accordingly with a nude lipstick and clear gloss! YAY! In music, my fave DJ duo, Ax & Ing dropped “Can’t Hold us Down” on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio Show today and I am so stoked to hear their new album!! Literally heard a little preview of it at the office I work at and it’s going to be fucking amazing! Get ready guys because they are here to stay! On another note, any music recommendations you guys are feeling? Any new songs dropped that you just HAVE to hear?! Let me know in the comments below!

Peace, Love, and Happiness! Hope you guys are still motivated and on your way to achieving your last minute goals for the year! ❤


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