Weekend In the O.C.

On Saturday, I must admit I woke up a little hungover..Although I literally NEVER EVER get a hangover but it must have been all the mixing of vodka, champagne, wine, and whiskey I did the previous night. I guess I got out of it pretty easy though since I only ended up with a pretty minor headache, lol!!! Anyways, I ended up spending a day with my mom down in Laguna Beach and it was BURNING hot! I checked the weather and it was legitimately 93 degrees! Isn’t that crazy?! In November?? Well, expecting it to be a bit cooler I didn’t go bikini clad ready so I wasn’t able to enjoy the waves and sunshine. My unpreparedness ended in me resorting to enjoying a nice lunch and shopping trip to the mall (how brutal)! It was nice to reconnect with my Mom and try to  better our relationship by talking about our personal lives without bringing up any past drama. Sometimes it really helps to just hold your tongue and keep calm & cool when expressing true feelings and hearing out the other persons side of the story, cause you know life is too short to fight and constantly hold grudges. Well as I previously stated, since life is SOOO short I had a huge and amazing breakfast/lunch at Heidelberg Cafe in LB! It was my first time there and after hearing so much hype about the place and coincidentally walking right past it I couldn’t resist but order a nice and yummy NUTELLA latte and a spinach and mushroom omelette! YUMMM!My mom ordered the salmon and egg croissant and that looked super appetizing as well!


After our nice lunch we just walked by the beach for a bit talking about life, super calming and fun! Later we went shopping at Fashion Island where we got the cutest workout outfits from VS PINK and got some basic everyday wear from Neiman Marcus, Bloomies & Brandy! Later, checked out this little coffee shop I mistook for Le Pain Quotodien but it was actually Le Pain Mode haha but they had an almost as amazing vanilla almond latte as LPQ!

IMG_8348 IMG_8362


Anyways, sorry for being so MIA life has been hectic and as I am saying that I am literally multi-taskfully painting my nails before I need to rush off to class!



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