Rise and Shine!

Starting my morning early today as I’m getting ready to jet off to my internship soon. I attempt to go for a chilled out vibe today so I hit up Spotify and was immediately drawn to their #throwbackthursday playlist, now I’m stuck listening to Rollout (My Business) by Ludacris, WTF? haha Not my song choice but I’ll see what’s coming up next, anyways……. As I’m sipping on my Chestnut Praline Iced Latte from Starbucks (their new holiday bev I’m OH SO THANKFUL FOR!) I’m kinda bummed that I missed my 6:30 am yoga barre class but I mean, fuck it happens…especially when it’s Thursday and the week has gotten you soo exhausted! Usually missing something on my schedule gets me off for the day, like I feel like I already fucked up and there’s no turning it around. Well, today I attempt to make this feeling disappear by focusing on things I want to accomplish instead of focusing on my past (early morning) mistakes! So I challenge all of you, my amazing fabulous readers!!, to ask yourselves this whilst getting ready and are headed out the door to start your long day: What will today bring me? What would I be so happy to accomplish? How can I get there (small steps, big steps)? How will I reward myself at the end of the day for the small steps toward this goal that I had done? (i.e. nice & long lavender infused bubble bath, a nice glass of champagne)! It is very important to reward yourselves you guys! Even if you didn’t accomplish your full goal, notice the smaller steps toward it! Don’t be too harsh on yourself and TREAT YO SELF! Don’t let one bad decision you made early in the morning (i.e. not going to your workout class [guilty], drinking that sugary coffee drink [double guilty], or eating that donut & bagel [about to be triple guilty])  get you down! Don’t focus on these smalls but look to the bigger things that you have set for thevday and strive on those! You can do it, I can do it & we BOTH can do it!

Namaste, darlings! ❤IMG_5930


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