Hold, up….WHAT?

How is it already Saturday again? Honestly, I feel like time is flying by so quickly and I honestly am not even noticing it until the weekends! The weekdays just fly by and it feels like the weekend isn’t even around! Work, my internship, and school keep me occupied throughout the day and I’m just like wtf, how is it already the end of the day when I get home at like 10p.m.!  Anyways, with only two weeks to go till my huge Vegas B-day celebrations I have been trying to stay clean and not consume any alcoholic beverages or intoxicate myself with anything else that is not 100% natural to my body! You know, I gotta stay energized and be prepared to go all out in Vegas…my body needs to get prepped for all the shit that my body’s gonna go through there lol! Now back to this weekend! I woke up super early for my hot yoga class this morning and I am ready to conquer my day and finish all my hmwk assignments and even squeeze in a brunch and bit of shopping before I go out tonight! Woohoooo, nothing feels better than starting your morning early, sweating out toxins, stretching and completing a bunch of tasks! Speaking of brunch, a.k.a. my favorite part of the weekend and what I live for, I will be posting my top 5 brunch spots in LA next blog! Probably will include where I am going today since it is one of my go-to’s, so stay tuned!

Peace, Love & Brunch ❤



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