Palm Springs’in ☀

I love my mini get-a-ways, especially those ones I take to Palm Springs! Palm Springs is the perfect getaway destination for any Angeleno! It is super close (only 2 hours away with car) and always has the most beautiful weather! I swear it’s the beginning of February and I was basking away in the heat waves of the 85 degree heat! Anyways, not only is the road down to Palm Springs so reminiscent of Coachella and allows you to have good road trip vibe and have long talks with friends, but it also shows you the vast undiscovered beauty of the California desert! Going to this little city in the middle of nowhere is the perfect getaway because you feel like nothing can reach you when you’re out there!  So I’m telling you to take a staycation or mini day get-a-way, turn your cell phones off , leave all the electronics at home and just drive down! Walk along the strip and catch a few happy hours (my personal fave: Kaiser Grille), go check out the Parker to chill pool side or for a relaxing spa day, and always make sure to appreciate the great weather that has been given to us that we take for granted alllllll the time!


The drives there are the best!


My Appletini fun in the desert! Of course at Kaiser Grille, where else? Happy hour starts at 3p.m. everyday and ends at 6p.m.! VERY VERY highly recommended!


Don’t disturb me when I’m drinking my martini 😉

P.S. I also recommend their lemon drop, it’s one of the best ones I have had yet!


I love taking pictures, especially when I go on mini trips..


I felt so 70’s chic in my ensemble, nothing better for day tripping in the desert!

IMG_9289 You can’t leave without waiting for the sun to set, nothing is more  beautiful than watching the sun slowly lower past the hills!

Till next time dolls, xx


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