Get to Know Me

Hey guys! While I was searching through numerous lifestyle/fashion blogs the other day, one thing I noticed was the lack of info I actually got to know about the blogger themselves! I mean…you are reading this persons opinions, likes, thoughts, etc. it makes sense to know them a bit better, and nothing is more exciting than a few fun facts! So for the lack of connection I’ve had on here and since I am in the makes of totally revamping this site and becoming more consistent with my posts,  I thought maybe I’d introduce myself with 10 completely random facts about me! If you guys have any questions or want me to answer anything for you guys please feel free to email! 🙂

1) I almost always wear black, not because I’m in a depressed mood..but because it’s easy and always looks chic! My style is very minimalistic and when you open my closet it’s mostly greys, blacks, whites, with pops of red, navy, and green! My go to outfit: Obsessed with my high waist busted knee black skinny jeans, I pair it with a loose white tee, tousle my hair, add a leather jacket if it’s cold and I’m out the door. PRESTO!

2) I am obsessed with coffee. The baristas at Starbucks know me too well, feels like a family reunion every! I get an iced hazelnut/vanilla latte every morning!

3) I never believe in depriving yourself of anything. If you want that chocolate bar go ahead and eat that damn chocolate bar! It’s all about BALANCE, basically everything in life needs to be well balanced!

4) I love to be busy. If I’m stuck with spare time and have nothing planned I go cray and feel like I’m wasting time. It’s actually pretty bad, one of my new years resolutions was to learn how to relax, kickback, and accept doing nothing. Things that help me relax are: Bergamot Jasmine candles and my soft and fluffy VS Pink robe.

5) I love love love music, especially house music! No, not that shitty big room but the deep, tech, minimal, electronic house. My fave artists are Solomun, Loco Dice, MaceoPlex, Daft Punk, and The Chemical Brothers! I start every morning with trance music (it’s my alarm ringtone), I blast it in the car, and listen to it through headphones at work/school. It keeps me going and lets me get through my busy day!

6) As much as I love going out, with time I’ve noticed I love staying in a bit more! Nothing feels better than waking up early and getting things done to make yourself feel accomplished and proud! My old guilty pleasure: clubbing; My new guilty pleasures: happy hours, discovering new local restaurants, and getting to sleep by midnight!

7) I am a maniac when it comes to to-do lists! I need to complete everything! I guess you can count my mini Smythson planner as one of my prized possessions because it keeps me in sync with what I need to do!  But of course I  have to add some fun things to my list… like to buy a new pair of shoes, pshhht…I’m not thaaaaaat serious 😉

8) I love love love baking! I love coming up with new gluten free recipes for my fam and friends! Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face then spending time with the people I love and treating them to new and delish treats! Compliments also don’t hurt 😉 My fave desert to bake would be my all natural 4 ingredient only gluten free/vegan soft & chewy banana dark chocolate cookies! I’ll post my recipe on the blog soon, they’re pretty amazing!

9) I believe a lipstick can do so much for a woman! Honestly no need to put on makeup.. just powder, mascara, a nice deep lipstick and the 2 minute routine looks like it could have taken 20 mins! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! My faves are: Snob by MAC, Rebel by MAC, and Lady Danger by MAC

10) I am obsessed with ripped jeans! I also only like to wear black & grey jeans, they are my staple must haves! My fave go to brands for jeans are: Anine Bing, Rag and Bone, and Mother!





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