My Fave Healthy, Yummy & Fast Breakfast

This weekend I had a bit of time to cook breakfast for myself and since I needed the brain power to fuel me through my 10 page essay, I decided to bake some brain boosting food (hence the avocado (fatty acids) and egg (protein))! Cooking has always been a release for me and always takes my mind off of the outside world and responsibilities, It keeps my full focus on the food I’m making, always making sure it turns out delicious! Anyways, as I was contemplating whether i should make an eggs benedict.. I thought I’d opt for a healthier option! So ,I made these amazing egg filled seasoned avocados! It only took me 20 mins (with baking) and was super easy to throw together! All the ingredients I already had lying around in my fridge so it was just a matter of cracking the eggs open, scooping the center of the avocado out a bit, seasoning the avocado and egg, then placing it in the oven! Below are the steps to create this delicious creation! Let me know how yours turns out!

Alex’s Oven Baked Breakfast Egg-A-Cado:

1. First I started by washing the avocado and then slicing it in half, removing the pit and gently carving a deeper center so the egg would be able to fit in.

2.) I seasoned the avocado with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, and a bit of garlic salt for extra taste!

3.) Then I cracked the egg into the avocados.  I included only yolk in some and in the other I added the egg white. I’m not really a fan of the yolk so I just made the yolky avocados for design 😉

4. Then I added extra paprika on top just because I’m in love with that seasoning!

5.) Then I oiled a baking pan very gently with coconut oil so the avocado/spilt egg whites wouldn’t stick to it.

6.) Then after placing the avocados in the pan, I put the avocado in the oven at 425F and baked them for 15 minutes

7.) While they were baking I sliced some green chili peppers, green bell peppers,  and tomatoes as my side and placed them on my plate of healthy yumminess!

8.) Once the egg looked baked and after the 15 min. mark I gently took out the avocado, waited for it to cool, then had a delicious Sunday morning breakfast!

Bon Appetite 🙂

FullSizeRender FullSizeRenderP.S. How easy was that?!


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