Think Like A Boss, Do Like a Boss, Be the F–king Boss

Hi there- My Aspiring Entrepreneurs!
I’m addressing you as I recently just found this article that caught my attention on the thinking habits of successful people!  This article cannot be more relevant to me now than EVER before! I am currently transitioning into a new job title and am in the constant, crazy, hectic midst of trying to understand a new job position. I was blessed with a GREAT but CHALLENGING opportunity that I wasn’t able to pass up, although I am still bombarded with a super busy personal/scholarly schedule. Already through with my first “unofficial” week of training(4 days, because I got today off due to holiday), I have already experienced the pressure and pitied looks of my new colleagues after expressing to them who I will be working for. Not only is my boss a powerhouse with a very successful career, but he is considered the toughest in the office and has said to have had a high rotation of employees– me being the 10th one within the past 8 months. After hearing these stats, having people compare him to Ari from Entourage,  and having at least a dozen people “wishing me luck” because “he’s a tough one”; I naturally got worried and scared of what could happen if his ego/so called “harsh personality” defeats my personality and negatively effects my work ethic.
Nonetheless, what prompted me to take this position is that I need it as experience for my own future career as it will teach me everything I need to know if I ever want to be a big player as well. The position was also handed to me pretty much on a silver platter so I couldn’t find an excuse to not accept it (especially when kids my age are having the TOUGHEST time finding a job, let alone in this industry that I currently am in).
Through interning for 5 years straight at multiple companies, I have finally reached my goal of acquiring a “big girl/adult” job that will catapult me into the start of my career. I know it comes with trials, tribulations, f–k up’s, and a boss yelling/cursing at me (although not preferred, obvi).. but my true strength will be shown. Nothing in life comes easy, especially when it comes to trying to achieve success and good finances in a career as competitive as mine.
This article not only helped me change my scared state of mind, but it also made me realize to push forward. Not only will I be tough and endure, but I will get to learn through multiple mess ups and those mess ups will make me stronger and more firm in myself and work abilities.
So in this post, what I intend to convey to my readers is to not be scared of hard challenges. Prove to yourself, your peers, your boss, and EVERYONE that you can and will do everything in your power to persevere! Always keep in mind that no one is perfect… and yeah, you will have down days where you second guess yourself or think “Am I doing the right thing? Is this really what I want?” , but don’t let the harshness of another individual or the hard work bring you to that level. Instead, focus on the outcome and feeling of pride and accomplishment you will have for YOURSELF upon completion! Remember that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! Just keep swimming and never give up! When thrown in a small pool of sharks punch those sharks right in the mother-effing nose and watch them in dismay as you prove your power and ability that they probably thought you didn’t initially have! THIS will make you a power player in your career and yes YOU will become someone of value and success when you work hard at what you want! Look at the long run of the future, and you will realize you will be big ballin’ in a couple of years 🙂 Nothing drops from the sky, so go out and get ’em Tiger!




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