Weekend Recap: New Finds

Hi Dolls,

Following is my weekend recap of just random things I thought were interesting to share! Hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend! Now back to our crazy hectic schedules!

God Bless


Mini Getaway: Santa Barbara-


It’s only a hour and a half/two hours away! The drive won’t even feel that long because the 101FWY will take you on the nicest shoreline ride down! Check out downtown for a brunch then treat yourself to something nice at their many shops and boutiques. This beach city is great for all of those who just need a mini vacay and need to get out of L.A.!

Weekday Breakfast Spot: Copenhagen Bakery-


MY FAVORITE NEW SPOT! Their pastries, croissants, and chocolate goodies are all you need to be mind transported back to Europe. The food tastes so original, as if it was made with the actual European ingredients and not just American subs. Also, it’s not too pricey and is great for a morning treat!

Breakfast on a Sunday Morning: Popsugar Almond Meal Pancakes-


Yum! Breakfast in bed for one, PLEASE! Click here for the full detailed recipe! You will not regret waking up a bit early to prepare this healthy treat.

New Weekly Routine: Coconut Oil-


I have created this new routine where I put a half of a cup’s worth of all natural coconut oil in my hair and leave it on overnight! I wash it in the morning as I regularly would (with shampoo +conditioner) and my hair is softer than ever! Super nourishing mask and super cheap, you can literally pick it up at your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes! Also, you know it’s sans chemicals and you’re effectively all naturally prepping your hair for this summer heat! Oh, also it’s super nice to fall asleep to the scent of coconut! Makes my dreams feel tropical 😉 lol



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