A Thursday on Sunset– The Roxy Theatre

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a show, and trust me I have not been happy about that. A lot of my friends would rather go clubbing or bar hopping than go to a show and see a live act perform. Whereas, I am total opposite and would rather see new talent preform material I have never heard before….but I guess that’s just my inner passion of being an artist manager burning inside of me! But man was I excited when I heard that one of my favorite girl duos, Say Lou Lou was playing at the Roxy last week. I knew I HAD TO dragggggg one of my friends to go with me and luckily one of my best friends whom I hadn’t seen in a while had a night off work and was interested in seeing the band perform! I was so excited to go, not only because I had been dying to get back to my “going out to shows” roots that I effervescently had when I was younger, but because I had never seen Say Lou Lou live before. I have loved the duo from the beginning of their career and have always vowed that whenever they come to LA I would have to go to one of their shows. Their hits Julian and Everything We Touch are such great electro-pop songs and the girls vocals blend so well together that it actually does feel magical- especially when live! I personally compare them to a softer vocal version of Ellie Goulding x2, and trust me I LOVE Ellie too! Say Lou Lou showed their badass girl power at the show and they had the best stage presence! Regardless to say I’m very happy I went! If you are ever in LA and need to see a good show, always make sure to check out the Roxy, it has been my music hub since I was 16 (yes, I would be underage but I would do anything to go and see live talent perform) and it has never failed. The intimate and small venue provides for a great experience and it is located right on the west end of Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. It’s a perfect place to let your rocker side out! 😉

11377825_929466230453329_1096500817_n 11875294_1668706470033637_57643649_n

(photos found via Instagram users on Iconosquare, sign of a good night my phone died at the very beginning lol)

Everything We Touch


Games for Girls


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