It’s Hard to Catch Up- Be Skimm

Trust me, I wish I had more time to read newspapers, online article,s, and feel more informed about what’s going on around the world. One thing I hate is ignorance and I try my best to educate myself on current wold issues but sometimes it can be hard when you’re stuck working a bajillion hours and only have time for an occasional instagram check, eat, and sleep before you’re routine does a reboot for the next day. Well…..I found the greatest new site that sends you daily emails IN THE MORNING- while you’re grabbing your morning coffee or while you’re waiting for sleepiness to leave your mindset while still in bed. The Skimm sends daily morning newsletters throughout the week that sums up what you should know of current global affairs. It’s a quick, interesting, and witty read that will get you caught up in no time. The formatting of the emails are fun in light blue colors and huge circles representing the sites logo. It makes reading about current issues fun! So next time you’re grabbing coffee at work and your coworker asks for your opinion on the latest news piece..don’t fret you’re Skimm and you’ll be able to reply as if you were a Noble Peace Prize winner. haha maybe not to that extent, but we can dream 😉

Have a Beautiful Monday Readers ❤


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