WHAT A Week!

Hi Dolls!

Geez Louise- was this past week fucking crazy!!!! I ended up booking a flight to Amsterdam the day of…I ended up leaving last Wednesday and ended up hopping to 3 other cities while at it. Did I mention my little getaway was only a week long?! Yeah, lets say I didn’t get much sleep- but I mean who needs sleep when I can sleep at home- I mean the whole reason I went was to take adventures! So anyways- I jetted off to AMS after work and just got back yesterday morning at 5AM! Still with lots of energy, I managed to make it into work the same morning at 8AM! Call me crazy but I think I will definitely stay at home this weekend 😛 lol. After this week I learned the importance of spontaneity and living a live of no regrets. Yes, my last minute one way flights were anything but cheap but NOTHING compares to the memories gained through those adventures. From meeting new people and seeing old friends, to going to crazy fun events/shows, to gaining more travel experience and immersing yourself into a different culture you definitely get to see the beauty of life and forget all about the stresses at home. Nonetheless, although the morning I booked my flight I thought I might have been crazy for booking something the day of (and also only a one way, knowing I had to back at work a week later) and was second guessing my decision, I noticed that I had made the right choice. Who knows when I’ll get the same chance again? Maybe next time I won’t be able to live so on the edge- maybe work, family, or just basic life commitments won’t allow me to practice my crazy, energetic and ready-to-go side in the sense of travel. So now with that all said- let me share a sneak preview of posts to come.

LAX -> AMS -> MUN -> ZRH -> CDG ->LAX

In a snapshot of : 3 Days, 1 Night, 1.5 Days & 2.5 Days 😉





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