Dazed and Jaz-ed in Amsterdam

So when I was in Amsterdam two weeks ago I ended up booking a hotel very very last minute- given of course that I booked my flight the morning of travel 😉 I decided to stay close by the Amsterdam Arena as it was not too city center and flooding with tourists and also because it was close to the Arena and Metro (to get into the city) plussss I was already pretty familiar with the area. Nonetheless, I  booked a hotel at the JAZ hotel! The hotel was amazing and very modern. The rooms popped with color and had an urban/jazz feel to it. The customer service was incredible and they even hosted ADE parties in the lounge/bar with amazing deep and future house music (They even hosted a Steve Aoki Q&A the last day of ADE, talk about exclusivity for hotel guests!) When I first got there I had a horrible experience of my airline losing my luggage and I had nothing to wear! I had just traveled 11+ hours straight out of work with the same clothes that I had been in for the past day anndddd I was supposed to shortly go to a showcase at AIR that same night! Needless to say I was just like F*CK MY LIFE! haha But the friendly staff quickly directed me to the closest shopping street [Damrak]where I could get clothes, make-up, essential needs, etc. I made it just in the nick of time with thirty mins to spare before closing! Anyways, I’ll talk more about  my Amsterdam trip in another post because I’m trying to get this to focus on the hotel! The hotel had a very young crowd and although very modern it still had a cozy and at home vibe. I felt very comfortable and relaxed going down to the hotel bar by myself to grab drinks pre-meeting up with friends. The drinks were also moderately priced and well made. In addition the food was amazing at the restaurant and every morning they dropped off a breakfast bag in front of your door that included healthy breakfast sandwiches, juice, fruit and a sweet treat. This was something I was very happy getting home to late in the morning after a long night 😉 Check in and check out was also very easy and helpful- the hotel did not disappoint 😉 Go and check it out if you’re ever in Amsterdam and definitely plan on staying if you go for next years Amsterdam Dance Event!

Cheers ❤

 img_5846 img_5844

Duck faces in the restroom 😉


Room with a view……of hot Dutch soccer players! What more can a girl ask for?!


The entry hallway

img_5839 img_5838The bed and the mini side window area!


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