Paris, Mon-A’mie!

One of my favorite cities in the world! From walking down the Champs d’Elysee and exploring all of the different rues down Republique- I have always had an amazing time while I’ve been there! Shockingly enough, this year was the first time I had ever been there and I have already went twice! My first trip I went in August and stayed for five days and did more of tourist-y things such as visit the Eifel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomph, etc. I was in much less of a rush so I was able to soak in the culture in the best way possible. This last time I had went I did it completely at random. After going to Zurich one of my friends texted me saying she was in Paris celebrating her birthday and I should drop by! As crazy as I am, I loved the idea and decided to drop by for 2 days. I took the train and was able to see the outskirts of Switzerland and France, even passing by Bordeaux! Everything off the train looked like a scene I had remembered from the city Belle was from in Beauty and the Beast. The train ride was fast and fun as I sipped on Pinot Grigio on the four hour ride. The trains also ran pretty regularly so there was not much fuss with scheduling. When I arrived my friend greeted me at the train station and we metro-d over to her friends place who lives and goes to school there. Her apartment was in Republique and although was pretty small had such an amazing Parisian feel with cute little city views from her small window. The stairs up to her 6th floor apartment were swirly stairs that reminded me of medieval castles I had been to in Hungary! While in Republique, so many memories of August passed by me and I couldnt believe I had just been there 2 months ago. Who would have thought?! I remember thinking how crazy life is- you never know what can happen! Anyways- we hopped around and had brunch at this cute highly instagrammed brunch spot called “Paperboy” where we had crab and roast beef rolls with purple colored Flower tea! We then wanted to check out the Palais de Tokyo but it was closed so we were out of luck……Well at least we thought!  We ended up going to the Eiffel Tower and popped champagne and walked around the Seine river buying postcards from vendors on the side streets! Paris was one huge memory that just flew by so quickly and before I knew it I was on my way back walking down the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré hopping onto the metro at the end of the street to head back to the train station to head back toward Zurich. But let me say one thing, last minute trips and last minute spontaneous decisions have always been the best decisions I have ever made! They have always worked out for me- no matter how often I second guess my crazy decisions 🙂



On the way to Paris via train!


I am HORRIBLE at taking pics- let alone of food! So I grabbed this photo from Paperboys Insta! So yummy! And above is the purple Flower tea I mentioned that isn’t too sweet but not too bitter. Perfect balance :pthumb_img_6226_1024thumb_img_6121_1024thumb_img_6211_1024

Sightseeing and kisses from Parieeeee ❤thumb_img_6092_1024

Such a London moment in Paris. (Blue doors always remind me of Notting Hill 😉 )thumb_img_6178_1024

Celebrating the birthday girls Bday!


Walking through the beautiful rues on my way back to the train stationthumb_img_6229_1024

Had to stop for a last minute espresso and creme brulee!


Au Revoir Paris, see you next year 🙂


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